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founded 1 year ago

Am I the only one that thinks Scaringe looks like Steve-O?


[Alt text: GIF from the music video for “Love Shack” by the B-52s. The video depicts people dancing in a convertible, multiple people in suits and dresses dancing (visible from the waist down), martinis, a duck shaking its tail, and two men playing saxophones. The subtitles read:

The Crowdstrike is a kernel-space app that

has no testing process

Crowdstrike! Baby Crowdstrike!

Crowdstrike! Baby Crowdstrike!]


Hey, just wondering if anyone had any particular recommendations for specific channels they especially liked?

I've recently been watching some Inkscape tutorials by the channel Logos by Nick and I really like his presentation style. Instead of going into detail about how to do something in particular he'll just make something and on the way you're introduced to multiple features and techniques you didn't even know existed. Very useful especially if you aren't familiar with the software at all ( me )

So if you know of anyone like that for Godot, or any channels that you particularly like, or any particular videos, please post them, I'd be interested in having a look.


Has anyone ever tabulated how many people are barred from the franchise because they recieved felony convictions due to Biden's famous crime bill?

Oops hit the wrong comm.

How do y'all feel about banana pudding? Yea? Nay?


I wasn't really sure where to put this, just kind of funny that I made a meme so dank they were completely unable to parse anything about it. Something about the "political humor" subreddit mods having no idea the "who must go" meme even exists tickles me.


"Selflessness" is when you're a "public service" and you fuck over the entire country and your party by refusing to bow out when you can barely stand.

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WSJ: How the Bet on an 81-Year-Old Joe Biden Turned Into an Epic Miscalculation

They deprived their party of a legitimate primary contest, even though they knew.

21 July 2024 (
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rule (
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Honest question

submitted 29 minutes ago* (last edited 29 minutes ago) by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

"We're not a personality cult because our man stepped down when his undeniable cognitive decline was compounded by Covid leaving him competely incapacitated to a degree that even his clique of huscarls couldn't pretend to manage."

Okay cool sure guys


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