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The format of these posts is simple: let's discuss a specific game or series!

Today (16th of April) is my birthday! So we're discussing my favorite game of all time (tied with Outer Wilds): Journey

What aspects do you like about it? What doesn't work for you? What are your favorite experiences in the game? Are there other games that gave you similar feelings? Feel free to share any thoughts that come up, or react to other peoples comments. Let's get the conversation going!

If you have any recommendations for games or series for the next post(s), please feel free to DM me or add it in a comment here (no guarantees of course).

Previous entries: Resident Evil, Polybius, Tetris, Telltale Games, Kirby, LEGO Games, DOOM, Ori, Metal Gear, Slay the Spire

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Whatcha all been playing! I got the itch for outer wilds again, which I can't really play anymore (😭)

So I decided to start a game I've wanted to play for a while that I thought could scratch a similar itch: ghost trick phantom detective. It's really good!

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Just got an amazing deal for these three and wondering where I should start!

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i avoid hype but as a massive fan of the original kcd and the honesty of this reveal, im hyped! wont be pre-ordering though, never pre-order its bad for the industry and consumers.

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⚠️ grandpa gaming inbound

In 2020 I checked some old backup disks of mine and found to my utmost joy a copy of my former UT2003 installation. This is a Linux native 32bit build that is now over 20 years old. Well, LinuxGaming is hard because who can support 500 distributions, right? This worked just fine in 2020 on Fedora 31. Today I gave it another spin in 2024 on Fedora 38 on Wayland with PipeWire 😀

Hell yeah, the muscle memory is still there 🤘🤓🤘

(tbf the SDL1.2 compat lib rocks most of this but it's really all still there)

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Game designer Aaron (Pikaaroon) today showcased how he built a game to propose to his partner. Having previously worked on Sea of Thieves and Warcraft III: Reforged, he’s no stranger to creating colossal playable experiences. For this incredibly important moment in his life, though, he chose to work with the Playdate. Which I think is the perfect console for this sort of question.


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With efforts to resuscitate Neopets ramping up, monthly users have nearly tripled to 300,000 in the past six months, and the company is on track to be profitable by the end of 2024, [current Neopets Team CEO] Law said.

Also notable:

Law said that rather than cracking down on fan-created components, the company is embracing them. It launched a “Neopass” login system that allows users to access games across the Neopets system, including third-party and fan-made games.

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Could it be happening.....

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So, j want to get into fighting games, mainly the der street fighter games, and advice on how to get good.

I'm so bad at fighters I've only ever gotten halfway through a sf2 run and no idea what to do.

I main ken/ryu btw

Not even using akuma as a crutch helps lol (that or xmen vs street fighter ps1 akuma sucks)

So basically, how do I "get good"

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In Sky: Children of the Light you can let yourself get taken by the hand, and the other player guides/plays for you and you barely need to do anything anymore. Felt a bit absurd and funny, but interesting nonetheless. Certainly unique. It was also very good to eat some snacks and watch yourself progress while doing so. bee happy emoji

Sky is an interesting and visually beautiful/well-crafted game. It has many things going for it. But also things I found frustrating and annoying.

I was also confused quite a bit, about quite a few things about what is happening and interacting in what way.

If only there weren't so many cutscenes blocking me from actually playing the game and feeling embedded in the world and atmosphere. I hate those disrupting cutscenes. Forced camera focus was also annoying at times.

Overall, I find Sky quite interesting, and can certainly recommend taking a look at and even into it.

Sky: Children of the Light is available on Steam for free, in Early Access. It has also been available on iOS since 2019, Android since 2020, Switch since 2021, PS4 since 2022.

Walking back and forth between sofa + controller + TV and my PC + keyboard to chat with people was a hassle though 🤡 (I was streaming PC to TV so it was the same thing. Chatting is entirely optional.)

(Sorry for the shitty ~~screenshot~~ photo of hand-holding.)

Have you played Sky? What did you think of the implementation of social systems and interactions with other players?

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Todd produced something that's actually good‽

I've watched the first two episodes and I've really liked it so far. While FO4 as a game was OK at best (at least vanilla; Sim Settlements 2 is great fun), I've liked the art direction on it. I know the "chunky" look has been a bit… divisive, I think it looks suitably retrofuturistic and less drab than the earlier games, so it's fun that the show has really leaned into the style. The score by Ramin Djawadi is also really good, at times really reminds me of Ben Frost's and Marc Streitenfeld fucking amazing score for Raised by Wolves.

The dark humor and a somewhat quirky and sarcastic take on things is also very Fallout; it doesn't take itself too seriously, but is also surprisingly dark in many ways, and not just because it's postapocalyptic and bloody.

spoilers for first 3 epsThings like what Maximus did to whatstheirname, with the razor in the boot, and then what happened between him and Titus after the yao guai attack. It's like everybody's at least a little bit of an asshole and that there's not too many if any unambiguously "good" characters in the main cast.

Edit: did that axolotl-looking huge mutant with fingers coming out of its mouth drop loot when it died‽

All in all, it's been a really nice surprise that the show seems to have turned out well; my cynical old ass was definitely prepared for something worse, heh. How have you folks liked it?

(Oh and for the love of the gods and all that is fuzzy, please remember to use spoiler tags if you talk about plot points 😁 It's the second button on the right on the comment format bar.)

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This is my first Nintendo system since the NES. I've never been a big fan of their first-party properties when I've played on others' consoles, although I am interested in the Switch Zelda games.

We got Mario Kart 8 and Let's Go Pikachu for my son (the Switch is for his birthday). I might try Let's Go Pikachu but don't really care for Mario Kart. I'm keeping an eye on the Ori games too.

What I'm mainly interested in is Switch games that you can't play on the PS5 (which is my main platform). I don't really do mobile gaming so the Switch will pretty much be a home console for all intents and purposes, so I'm also not really affected by games that are "good for Switch mobility" like Hades (as an example--I already own that on PS5).


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Not sure how well bombastic brass will do over longer periods of play, but I'm sure Wube have thought of that - going to be really interesting to see/hear this in action.

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Made by Per Bergland and, funnily enough, Max Tegmark.

There's also a slightly saner variant called Frac which is only 3D.

Also, anybody else find it a bit amazing that we can emulate DOS games in our frickin' browsers‽

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The cat is out of the bag and despite many years of warning before this and similar technology became widely available, nobody was really prepared for it - and everyone is solely acting in their own best interests (or what they think their best interests to be). I think the biggest failure is that despite there being warnings signs long before, every single country failed to enact legislation that could actually meaningfully protect people, their identity and their work(s) while still leaving enough room for research and the beneficial use of generative AI (or at least finding beneficial use cases).

In a way, this is the flip side of the coin of providing such easy access to cutting edge tech like machine learning to everyone. I don't want technology itself to become the target of censorship, but where it's being used in a way that harms people, like the examples used in the article and many more, there should be mechanisms, legal and otherwise, for victims to effectively fight back.

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This might be a stretch but it's still a game. Does anyone know of a bike trainer program (hopefully at least half decent) that runs natively on Linux? I've tried getting Zwift to work through Lutris but have been unsuccessful.

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I would normally not link to a tweet, but it's from the YouTuber who is behind the global campaign that aims to prevent games companies from killing games people paid for:


It seems that Ubisoft is either doubling down on deleting this game in order to throw a wrench into preservation efforts and activism (even though it'll achieve the polar opposite) - or that this was the plan all along and it's just blindly being carried out, bad optics be damned.

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In my quest to find awesome games that aren't well known, I came across StarSector a couple of weeks ago and I can't put it down. It is the same addition that I had with Factorio and Balatro in recent times.

However, when I started looking into it, I had already heard about it back in 2013/2014 under the name of Starferer and it was great to see that it was still being worked on.

What an amazing game/project as I'm sure many of you might agree. The lore, the gameplay and the atmosphere is great.

But I have to admit, digging my teeth into the mods for QoL and trying to get Java23 to game the game to work was as fun as the game.

My questions to you are:

  • How did you come across StarSector
  • A favourite moment while playing
  • What other games that you have played/heard come close to this?
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Actual review starts at 18:38.

For all the great things they have to say about the game their scoring is heavily impacted by being a channel for board games. I agree with pretty much everything they have to say, except the art has really grown on me and I am glad they went in a different direction from previous SW card games. The art feels as fresh as the gameplay.

And the gameplay is extremely good. FFG has announced that they have 3 additional sets already printed and an additional 6 ready to go. On top of that the tournament support makes organized play a priority for the game which I love as from what I can see WotC has been dropping that ball more and more as Arena has become more of their focus.

Have you played the game? Are you interested?

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Archive link: http://archive.today/6j2KZ

Also this news sucks 😭

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