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The 1959 Cuban Revolution was a key event that galvanized and inspired the growing New Left in the 1960s. Cuba became viewed as a radical and anti-imperialist third world country worthy of praise by many of the radical activists of the 1960s.[3]

In 1969, SDS was composed of competing factions with individual priorities and visions.[4] SDS delegates travelled to Havana, and were inspired by Fidel Castro's New Year's Day speech, in which he called on Cubans to help with the sugar harvest.[5] Although the Americans originally offered to help by taking industrial jobs displaced by the massive sugar harvest, Fidel reportedly responded that if North Americans were to help, they would cut cane.[6]


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If McD's knows you'll always buy whatever they put out because you essentially have no choice, why would they EVER want to implement something like eliminating FPTP voting that locks you into this ridiculous choice?

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Why do they even bother with the DSA then

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As far as international destinations go it seems Cuba is relatively cheap (if you're privileged enough to have any time or money to travel) to get to from the US. I'm planning on going later this year if I can swing it to celebrate actually seriously learning Spanish for more than a year.

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A recently stumbled upon some article (Wikipedia?) that listed some of the things WU did and I thought they sounded cool as hell.

I didn't look into it further and now I'm sad

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Well I just found out my phone does this but it's half fucking baked

It's one of those foldable (clamshells) and this works while the phone is open, but even if biometrics is disabled and it asks for a password, biometrics still works to unlock the phone while folded, and then stays unlocked after opening...

So the only safe way is to shut it off completely so the storage isn't decrypted yet

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The law doesn't restrict Satanism, this is just a comment Desantis made

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She may do good work elsewhere. She may have some valid criticisms (I cannot speak to this as I have not evaluated them).

However, when you're sent as a delegate of an ostensibly Socialist organization to one of very few actually existing Socialist countries and you get the immense privelege and oppurtunity to meet with the President of the country and First Secretary of the Communist Party YOU MEET WITH THEM.

To do so otherwise - again as a delegate of a supposedly Socialist org trying to make international connections - is so far beyond a faux-paux I'm not sure what to call it.

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I might be ignorant on this, but did DSA call these people out or apologize for their behavior? Because they were essentially acting as diplomats for the org and if not strongly refuted then indeed reflect badly on the org as a whole.

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In 2014 these were already old I think

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America is smaller than America and the Vatican combined

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Personally, I'm heading to Texas to see family. Flying out to Abilene, then the morning of I'll drive out to the path, see the eclipse, and then drive on to San Antonio where I have more family.

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Defederation of eviltoast.org (self.announcements)
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Hey all -

Just a quick announcement that we're currently not federating with eviltoast.org - it seems to be the base of the spam bots we've seen recently. I don't think the site administration teams have anything to do with the spam however they also seem to be absent, and are not doing anything to combat it. Until such time that they are actively cleaning up their spam issue they will remain defederated. I'm pretty lax about our federation, but this has been a persistent issue (See rule 9). I'm sure the spammer will probably find another host at some point though.

Thanks for being a member of TheLemmy.Club

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New logo

The new logo is now rolled out on all platforms, including the web, mobile, and documentation pages. If you are a content creator, you can grab the logo vector and raster files in the repository's design folder.

Social Preview


Welcome to release v1.99.0 of Immich. This release adds the new logo, fixes many bugs, and improves the application. Some of the highlights include:

  • [WEB] Sort photos and videos to display direction in an album.
  • On-disk cache on the mobile app to provide a better viewing experience.
  • There is a new endpoint for OpenTelemetry metrics to monitor performance.
  • Optimized queries for large libraries.
  • Add upload progress and speed indicator.
  • XMP sidecar file is now recognized with both photo.ext.xmp and photo.xmp extensions.
  • Drag to select - Now press your thumb to drag and select in the selection mode.
  • Improve user feedback in the mobile app's backup and album selection screen.
  • Various improvements for the library scanning process.

Asset's display direction in the album

We added an option to change the order of the assets in the album so you can view the assets from older to newest and vice versa.


Mobile asset caching

Improving cache for remote thumbnails and the images, they now stay on disk so that they can load faster and give a better experience while used offline. You should feel a faster loading experience across the app.

Performance monitoring with OpenTelemetry integration

Immich provides a variety of performance metrics to allow for local monitoring and insights. This integration is primarily in the form of Prometheus metrics. However, exporting traces is also possible due to OpenTelemetry instrumentation. Please visit the documentation to learn how to enable this feature


This opt-in feature allows you to monitor Immich's performance. This data isn't sent anywhere beyond what you've configured.

File size progress and upload speed indicator

We added an indicator to show the file's size that has been uploaded and the upload speed under the progress bar in the backup screen.


Drag to select

You can now drag to select in the mobile app when in selection mode; this will help make selecting in bulk easier.


And lastly, I want to express my gratitude to @immich-app/contributor who make this behemoth of a release happen 🎉

And as always, bugs are fixed, and many other improvements also come with this release.

What's Changed

🗄️ Server

  • fix(server): face search results not always sorted by @mertalev in #7839
  • fix(server): serve static directory only if it exists by @benmccann in #7857
  • feat(server): Add OAuth auto-redirect enable/disable CLI commands by @ddshd in #7841
  • feat(server): OpenTelemetry integration by @mertalev in #7356
  • feat(server): YAML config file support by @bo0tzz in #7894
  • feat(server): Update XMP sidecar search to look for both photo.ext.xmp and photo.xmp by @kokulshan in #7813
  • feat(server): lower library scan memory usage by @mertalev in #7939
  • perf(server): optimize getByIds query by @mertalev in #7918
  • fix(server): queue library asset refresh in batches by @etnoy in #7914
  • feat(server, web): album orders by @martabal in #7819
  • feat(server): added support for SVG files by @declan8010 in #7960
  • refactor: global validation pipe by @jrasm91 in #7985
  • feat(web): add millisecond options to storage template settings by @sevtdy in #7942
  • fix(server): prevent feedback loop during library scan by @mertalev in #7944
  • feat(server): use nestjs events to validate config by @danieldietzler in #7986
  • feat(server): memory includes partners assets on timeline by @alextran1502 in #7993
  • refactor(server): library service by @jrasm91 in #8050
  • chore(server): change save -> update in asset repository by @mertalev in #8055
  • fix(server): "view all" for cities only showing 12 cities by @mertalev in #8035
  • fix(server): use extension in originalFileName for libraries by @etnoy in #8083
  • test: temporarily disable flaky audit e2e test until #7436 is fixed by @zackpollard in #8089

📱 Mobile

🖥️ Web

🧠 Machine Learning

  • fix(server): ml gunicorn listen on ipv4 and ipv6 by default by @growse in #7930
  • chore(deps): update onnxruntime-openvino by @mertalev in #7854
  • feat(ml): add cache_dir option to OpenVINO EP by @dvdblg in #8018


📓 Documentation

🔨 Maintenance

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It's distrohop time. Want to go immutable for the first time. But waiting for KDE6.

I wanna go to Cuba (thelemmy.club)
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I've been working on my Spanish. Now if only I could afford it.

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Stay warm out there (thelemmy.club)
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