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My man is holding on to that table like he's about to fall off the earth

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Don't trouble yourself about it Owl, you just work on catching enough prey to meet your caloric needs and being majestic

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Ze lügenpresse hates ze führer because he is too woke!

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They are moments away from saying that Biden is being lynched in the press, I can feel it

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Cass Review

Anyone who was even pretending to care about science rather just laundering hate beneath the most tissue-thin veneer of plausibility would not cite the Cass Report

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Absolutely, I'm happy just to have set aside a whole bunch of cis baggage I never wanted or asked for

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The Biden libs are cornered, fighting like a wounded animal, lashing out blindly by instinct and rage alone. There is blood in the water. They are getting cold. No one is coming to help them. They are afraid.

It's joever

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Wow, this is actually so similar to me except I ended up identifying as NB

So I guess long story short I identify as a cis man but reject whatever bullshit society wants to put on me as "masculine" or whatever. Idk what anyone wants to label that as, but I'm a man and I'll do what I want, and whatever that is I consider manly, because I'm a man and I do it so there.

This was literally my position almost word for word for a long time

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As someone who made a choice to be cis

I would love to hear more about that

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There are some pretty significant possible side effects from Ozempic afaik. Better to do it naturally if you can

These are the Pod Save America libs (and former Obama aides) for those mercifully unaware

Just elect one more liberal bro I swear we'll get socialism bro dsa is a socialist organization bro the strategy is working bro

الحمد لله (
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I am hearing that on his deathbed Colonel Sanders received the light of Islam and unhesitatingly recited the Shahada. Even now he looks down on the Ummah from the gardens of Jannah. Truly there is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is his prophet!


Posting this during a break in a tattoo session. inshallah it goes well

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Got off a red eye flight with my family and my kid said he was hungry, so we agree that I'll get some breakfast stuff with my kid while my wife gets the baggage.

Leave awkwardly holding two coffees and bags of pastries. Everything is fine until we get to the escalator, and here's where I fucked up.

I helped maneuver my kid's suitcase onto the escalator and then because it looked like it might fall over, stepped onto the escalator after it. This would have been fine EXCEPT my kid doesn't like to get on an escalator by himself. So while I began to descend the escalator with the bag, he stayed at the top calling after me, increasingly distressed.

I began running up the escalator the wrong way, still holding the two coffees and now the suitcase as well. I had almost gotten to the top when I slipped, spilling my wife's hot coffee all over the escalator and jamming my knee into the razor-sharp edge of the escalator stairs. Fortunately a kind gentleman helped my kid onto the escalator as I scrambled around the moving, coffee-covered stairs. What became of the other coffee, you may ask? That one was accidentally spilled by my son on the floor where I was sitting a short time later, bandaging my bleeding knee, soaking my butt with coffee.

Long story short, I'm now lying in bed icing my fucked up knee. Fortunately I found some old percocets in the medicine box. The moral of the story is that America must be destroyed


It is happening again. Time is a flat circle.


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