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A little surprised this hasn't been discussed more on here...Also this is particularly relevant, if true, given Altman stepping into overseeing safety:

Toner says that one reason the board stopped trusting Altman was his failure to tell the board that he owned the OpenAI Startup Fund; another was how he gave inaccurate info about the company’s safety processes “on multiple occasions.”

Emphasis mine.

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Hmm, maybe instead then dye hair and wear a well-fitted wig to create the look... 🤔

Glancing at this, I was thinking it might be fun to have a well-made headband that blended with your hair and had nice soft cat/dog ears. Bonus for the tech-inclined would be some way to make'em move as well somehow.

submitted 1 day ago* (last edited 1 day ago) by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

I've revised the sidebar description to try to clarify what's okay to post here and encourage discussion.


This is a community for general discussion where you can get your bearings in the fediverse, discuss topics & ask questions that don’t seem to fit in any other community.


This is a community for general discussion where you can get your bearings in the fediverse. Discuss topics & ask questions that don’t seem to fit in any other community, or don’t have an active community yet.

Technically the latter sort of posts have always been welcome here, but it struck me that as it wasn't written out, some may have been uncertain and opted not to post at all. With it written explicitly, hopefully that may put those uncertain more at ease to post.

Active is admittedly pretty vague, so I'm inclined to keep things lax on that. If you find a community for something but it's not seen any posts in months, don't feel too down! Try posting about the topic here for the time being, and hopefully you may find likeminded people that share your interest.

Somehow or other this community is widely subscribed to, so more people are apt to see posts from here than smaller communities, meaning better chances of finding others to talk to.

Once you've found your peers, feel free to work out the details for starting a community and link to it from here.

Hope this helps!

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You're welcome to post about papers and discuss them over in [email protected] to try to get this going for more specific communities!

[-] [email protected] 1 points 1 day ago

You might give the programming.dev instance a try for the first couple subjects, as they have an open [email protected] community that may work for them.

[-] [email protected] 5 points 1 day ago

Given the absence of specific communities (or active ones so far), if people would like they could start these conversations over in [email protected].

I recognize it's not the same, particularly for getting to those deep dive points you mention with ATLA, but gotta start somewhere, right?

Also I can easily give this go-ahead being one of the mods there. Up to now I've hesitated popping into threads like this and pointing people there because I'm not a fan of consolidation, but it's become apparent some simple meeting area may help to get more niche communities spun off and going.

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Brings to mind this NSFW ('cause light horror) short film "Circles"

[-] [email protected] 2 points 1 week ago

I agree on both points!

I like to try to add a little more levity around here, especially when it's in the spirit of the original post!

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You might try different media if you haven't already, as in, instead of pencil/pen and paper, maybe colored pencils or markers. Maybe even try getting some black paper and trying to draw with white color pencils instead.

I'm sure you may have tried a variety of things over the years, so I'm just spitballing, but also if you're trying to dive into the deep end with more complex drawings, you might revisit and really hone the fundamentals. Fundamentals being like getting clean lines by practicing drawing those over and over till you can get a nice, sharp line (which often isn't a single pencil/brush stroke!).

Once you have those down you may move on to the simple shapes, squares, triangles, circles, and try to recognize how those are put together for more complex forms. It's a tough skill to get down, without a doubt (I'm not some proficient artist personally), but it's just that: a skill that takes not only practice but learning methodologies. One of the toughest parts with drawing is that there's so many methods to go about it to figure out which helps you improve.

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Jungle is a plant metropolis

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when you get cc'd on an email and wait till the right moment to send the CharCoal image you've had waiting for this moment

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Original article: https://www.reuters.com/world/biden-whats-happening-gaza-is-not-genocide-2024-05-20/

It's pretty clear to me Biden's trying to thread the needle on this in a gruesome way. The argument seems to follow the form of: civilian deaths are collateral damage, this is unfortunate but this is war and they are not purposely being targeted and so this is not genocide.

However that almost willfully ignores the denial and blocking of aid to the same affected civilians, which is a deliberate action that despite the cover story being to prevent it reaching Hamas, falls entirely flat as regardless, it results in direct suffering and death of the civilians. I say almost because some small efforts have been made to push back against the denial of aid, but as is evident to anyone monitoring the situation, these efforts are all far too small to address the widespread suffering and death of the Gazan people.

This whole semantics game around genocide is simply disgusting. You know those in government know exactly what people mean when they're calling it that, they want an end to the killing and an end to the deaths of civilians, whether from military strikes or denial of aid.

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Once I thought and did the thing then realized the thought was the thing to do and then it kept going and going and...

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Comm-Ents running aerials in their uppermost branches of their head but nobody can tell 'cause they've made'em blend in. Paranoia's even harder to pin down when the "trees" can literally be listenin'.

submitted 2 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

It really is pretty good after all! I didn't really know what to expect going in, but this is a show I kinda wish was around when I was younger.

It's pretty good at speaking to introverted kids trying to find their place in the world in those awkward years, I think, without some cheesy, simple, "Surprise, you're the chosen one!" sort of approach. This is all the more impressive given that they do have that protagonist is ridiculously powerful but doesn't know how to channel it character trait going on here.

I can see now why it became so popular, even aside from it following the success of One-Punch Man.

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Hey, so I know some of you may be new or may have never wrapped your head around what any of this federation stuff means regarding Lemmy, so I aim to keep this simple while linking to more detailed posts for those interested in more technical background at the bottom.

The short of it is, your posts and comments to communities hosted here on Lemmy World or elsewhere, or comments to posts from others on Lemmy World from elsewhere, may be taking awhile to be visible to others outside of Lemmy World. In other words, if you've posted to a community on say, Lemmy.nz or Aussie.zone (for the most dramatic examples), you may not have seen any responses until much later because it took that long for them to process & receive them.

This is a known technical issue with the present Lemmy version that is currently being discussed and worked on. As I understand it, this is in large part due to the concentration of activity on Lemmy World, while some other delays are related to geographic factors, both smashing together for one gnarly snag with the Lemmy software.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you would like more timely communications with a variety of other Lemmy sites' communities, you may consider moving from Lemmy World to another Lemmy site.

Lemmy World is up to date with Lemmy, meaning you can export your settings (including user/community/instance blocks and community subs) and import on other up to date Lemmy sites. This tends to be easiest via the web interface so far as I'm aware.

Alternatively you may remain with an awareness of why you may not have seen many replies/comments to some of your comments/posts on other sites' communities, or suddenly see notifications for replies/comments to "old" comments/posts. People may only now be seeing them some time later.

Lemmy Federation Issue Discussion

Other Related Discussions:
Lemmy NZ Update on Lemmy World Federation Issues
Why do comments from lemmy.world users not appear until 4 days later?
Reddthat Update and Notice on Lemmy World Federation Issues
dbzer0 Federation Mishaps Postmortem

Communities Moving From Lemmy World Related to Delays
QuiteInteresting community notice
CasualConversations community discussion/notice

p.s. if I've misunderstood the issues in some way, please correct me in the comments. I've tried to avoid citing additional configuration hiccups besides dbzer0's (e.g. I think Sopuli's recent delays were something like this), such as World's own from around a month ago to keep focus on the underlying Lemmy issue.

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Image description:
A cartoon boy and his zombie friend standing in front of a surf shop in front of a crowd. The zombie friend is covering the boy from the waist down with his detached head because the boy lost his trunks and is embarrassed as the crowd seem to be trying to photograph him.

The boy is shouting, "I don't want to be internet famous!"

Meanwhile a zombie shark is stuck in the top of the surf shop with their head sticking out from where a wave smashed them into it.

Another silly moment from Zo Zo Zombie that makes for prime meme material.

submitted 1 month ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Image description:
Woman wearing a giant hotdog headpiece while chewing on a banana hotdog looking toward you while saying, "Still weird, but at least it beats working."

From the silly series Zo Zo Zombie

submitted 1 month ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.world/post/12495381 at Blaze's mention.

This is not a comprehensive list by any means, and is why I'm featuring this post and leaving it open to comments. I may update this as people make suggestions, and I encourage others to make their own variations on this list in the comments or in their respective versions of this community.

Also to clarify some terms here, by active I'm aiming for at least some commenting on recent-ish posts, not merely recent posts, and by the topic names...I'll let the linked communities serve as examples.

🎨 Creative Communities 🎨





🗿 Humanities 🗿

History & Anthropology



Religion & Spirituality

😄 Entertainment 😄
Reading and Listening





🏅 Sports 🏅

Hope this helps any newcomers find some different communities to join and participate in!

p.s. although it's now out of date, as some instances are no longer around (RIP Lemmy.film), this post is still a pretty useful resource for a broader range of communities than those listed here.

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...It's not too bad after all. Nothing groundbreaking, but okay for what it is.

I think if you liked it and wanted a little more mature approach you have some good options to go to from here, whether that's Samurai Flamenco or Tiger & Bunny. Not that into superheroes, so there's undoubtedly more, but those are a couple others I'd checked out before getting around to MHA.

submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

I dunno how many here have given it a try yet, or simply don't ever intend to but are nevertheless a little curious, so I'm putting down some notes here.

Very basics:

  1. It's very much a Twitter clone on the surface.
  2. It may depend on your setup, but in my experience I did not have to provide a phone number to sign up.

Onboarding details:

  1. Onboarding is pretty traditional social media, pick some interests, it pulls some accounts it associates with those and has them set to be followed unless you opt not to.
  2. It diverges slightly in that it then tells you your default feed will be Following with settings to disable showing replies/reposts/quote posts if you like (defaults are to display all of these).
  3. Where it gets much different is that it then offers you a selection of custom feeds to make your Main Feeds. For a very rough analogy, these can be a little like communities here or subreddits on Reddit, with more involved under the surface producing them.
  4. This analogy is made more apparent with "Topical Feeds" that try to relate to your previously selected interests.
  5. Lastly some basic adult/graphic content settings that let you adjust whether to show them outright, warn about them, or hide them completely (i.e. not display in your feeds at all). Defaults, aside from non-sexual nudity, are set to not display any of this and hide it all.

Actual use:

  1. Besides more granular graphic content filtering and emphasis on custom feeds, it's pretty much like Twitter or Mastodon/Misskey/etc.
  2. You can kinda "lock" your account to make it less visible to those outside of Bluesky, but that's the closest to limited visibility you'll find at the moment so far as I could tell.
  3. Unlike say, Twitter and Mastodon et al: you can't block/mute people from their posts, you have to go to their profile to do so.
    10.1. Unlike Mastodon/Misskey/etc.: You can't limit the reach of your posts, so they're all maximally public, no option to post only to followers, no option to have replies be unlisted so they don't kinda spam up follower feeds, etc.
    10.2. You currently can't upload gifs/short videos, though you can link them.
    10.3. No audio posts either from what I gather (an option on Mastodon and I'd imagine Misskey and the like as well).
  4. Despite missing those details, it does have similar levels of filtering tools to stuff like Mastodon, and more streamlined exchange of blocklists.
  5. Also while you can't limit the reach of your posts, you can limit who can respond to them.

Some miscellaneous quirks
Something not mentioned as much is that the custom feeds are, at least at the moment, not really user friendly to try to make yourself. These very much have a vibe of something more tech-oriented people may make for others to use, even with the Skyfeed app to ease their creation. If anything the fact something like Skyfeed exists is some evidence of this.

The trick is, the custom feeds are genuinely more flexible than lists of accounts or followed hashtags/terms on Misskey or Mastodon, but at the moment Bluesky's custom feeds seem kind of underutilized. Many of the custom feeds could simply be lists as found elsewhere.

Not sure how much of that is because the only existing platform using the AuthTransfer Protocol is Bluesky, technical challenge, or something else, but that's the state of many of them for now.

Oh, and presently there's no DMs, just as a stray detail to mention. Skimming convos I got the sense it may be to avoid giving people the sense of any private communications on there.

Also despite all these feeds and a more centralized model (dependent presently only on Bluesky's relay), there's still a sentiment from some there of the place being empty and lacking engagement. In the time I was poking about it, one of the "viral" posts in my discover feed was someone there, amusingly much like here and elsewhere on the fediverse, reminding people they have to engage/talk to others to get any engagement.

Some things really don't change where you go online.

My overall takeaway thus far is that it's pretty much par for the course with microblogging platforms, and not necessarily the best first showing of what the AuthTransfer protocol might really enable. Especially not with its lacking reach/privacy controls, not that any federated social media makes sense to promote as highly private, but still, some controls are better than none.

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Heya, I'm really good at inconsistency, so instead of a weekly thread, sporadic thread! Thought I'd toss one over and see what we see.

Tried any new foods, games, music, software? Finally made that mobile DJ setup so you're bangin' out beats as you ride your unicycle?

Finished that model you've been putting off for forever?

Or did you finally get your sleep schedule back on track and now you're too awake and want to wreck it again?

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Taking a note from our fellow community Casual Conversation (now on Lemm.ee), I've added a few links to our sidebar under Additional Discussion Focused Communities to a few more specific discussion communities people might be interested in.

In the spirit of federation, these communities are all remote, that is, located off-site from Lemmy World, while remaining connected and accessible to those here on Lemmy World.

The communities added to the sidebar are found below:

💬 Additional Discussion Focused Communities:

Also of note, this wasn't at anyone's request, so if any of the moderators from these communities would prefer removal from this post and the sidebar, they may message me and I'll do so accordingly.

Please remember that if you decide to participate in any of these communities to respect their rules and the rules of their instance, and that Lemmy World rules still apply in remote instance interactions.

p.s. if you're in growing communities you'd like to get more people participating in, feel free to reply to this thread with links to them!

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