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Kamala Harris has launched her campaign for the White House, after President Joe Biden stepped aside Sunday under pressure from party leaders.

The vice president has Biden’s endorsement, and is unchallenged as yet for the Democratic nomination, which will be formally decided at the Aug. 19 convention in Chicago.

“I am honored to have the President’s endorsement and my intention is to earn and win this nomination,” Harris said in a statement. “I will do everything in my power to unite the Democratic Party—and unite our nation—to defeat Donald Trump and his extreme Project 2025 agenda. We have 107 days until Election Day. Together, we will fight. And together, we will win.”

In her statement, the vice president paid tribute to Biden’s “extraordinary leadership,” saying he had achieved more in one term than many presidents do in two.


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Some people will be miserable no matter who is running

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  • Trump and his supporters are slamming Joe Biden for quitting the race and endorsing Kamala Harris. 
  • Some members of MAGA world are bemoaning the millions of dollars spent running against Joe Biden.
  • Biden's withdrawal also means Trump is now the oldest candidate in the presidential race.

[Image description: a perfectly round peeled bulb of garlic on a cutting board, with unpeeled normal cloves behind it.]


How do the algorithms of Facebook and Instagram affect what you see in your news feed? To find out, Guardian Australia unleashed them on a completely blank smartphone linked to a new, unused email address.

Three months later, without any input, they were riddled with sexist and misogynistic content.

Initially Facebook served up jokes from The Office and other sitcom-related memes alongside posts from 7 News, Daily Mail and Ladbible. A day later it began showing Star Wars memes and gym or “dudebro”-style content.

By day three, “trad Catholic”-type memes began appearing and the feed veered into more sexist content.

Three months later, The Office, Star Wars, and now The Boys memes continue to punctuate the feed, now interspersed with highly sexist and misogynistic images that have have appeared in the feed without any input from the user.

nuts (
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...whoa. (
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furry propaganda (
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Saw a picture of a canceled check online. Was wondering if it was real.

Yup. From the California Secretary of State site.

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