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Welcome to Lemmy Shitpost. Here you can shitpost to your hearts content.

Anything and everything goes. Memes, Jokes, Vents and Banter. Though we still have to comply with lemmy.world instance rules. So behave!


1. Be Respectful

Refrain from using harmful language pertaining to a protected characteristic: e.g. race, gender, sexuality, disability or religion.

Refrain from being argumentative when responding or commenting to posts/replies. Personal attacks are not welcome here.


2. No Illegal Content

Content that violates the law. Any post/comment found to be in breach of common law will be removed and given to the authorities if required.

That means:

-No promoting violence/threats against any individuals

-No CSA content or Revenge Porn

-No sharing private/personal information (Doxxing)


3. No Spam

Posting the same post, no matter the intent is against the rules.

-If you have posted content, please refrain from re-posting said content within this community.

-Do not spam posts with intent to harass, annoy, bully, advertise, scam or harm this community.

-No posting Scams/Advertisements/Phishing Links/IP Grabbers

-No Bots, Bots will be banned from the community.


4. No Porn/ExplicitContent

-Do not post explicit content. Lemmy.World is not the instance for NSFW content.

-Do not post Gore or Shock Content.


5. No Enciting Harassment,Brigading, Doxxing or Witch Hunts

-Do not Brigade other Communities

-No calls to action against other communities/users within Lemmy or outside of Lemmy.

-No Witch Hunts against users/communities.

-No content that harasses members within or outside of the community.


6. NSFW should be behind NSFW tags.

-Content that is NSFW should be behind NSFW tags.

-Content that might be distressing should be kept behind NSFW tags.


If you see content that is a breach of the rules, please flag and report the comment and a moderator will take action where they can.

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Hello there, and welcome to the Fediverse! Let's get you started.

This post was created together with many users, intended to help you have an easy start! It has a simple language, and it includes many useful links.

For your first day here

Hello, newbie user! Lemmy is just like Reddit, but better. Ha-ha. Seriously. But let's not overwhelm you for now.

This very neat starting guide was written by our beloved admin, @ruud. To avoid confusion, start reading it from the Quick start guide section.

If you're new to Lemmy, this post will also help you perfectly.

kbin users can check out this amazing starting guide instead. This is also a nice guide.

Finding Communities on Lemmy/kBin

If you finished reading your starting guide, it's time to go find your new favorite communities! Check out these dedicated services: number 1, 2, 3, and 4, and 5! Go have some fun! :D

For your second day here

Hello again! You're less of a newbie now, and you found some amazing communities! We can start talking about the Fediverse. I hope you didn't forget to read the rules for lemmy.world!

kBin.social's rules are in this link.

The Fediverse

You must've realised that we addressed Lemmy and kBin users differently. And what is this Fediverse people keep talking about, anyways?

Lemmy and kBin are two different platforms, and they can perfectly interact with each other! This means that they are a part of the federation. And they are only two members of the vast Fediverse.

What is the Fediverse? video by Framasoft to get a good understanding with visuals!

As a great lemming once said: Fediverse is basically like a group chat, but for websites. This means that federated websites all agree to share their content with each other, constantly, at the same time.

Follow this link to view a list of all Lemmy instances.

Follow this link to open the Fediverse Observer. It is set to show kBin, but you can navigate your way through the site to show any Fediverse platform you'd like.

For your third day here

That's it! What else do you want? Go have some fun and keep learning along the way! ;)


Fun fact: Torx screwdrivers are compatible with Torx Plus screws, but Trox Plus screwdrivers are only compatible with Torx screws that are one size larger

Rate my setup (slrpnk.net)
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Fucking autocorrect had it as 'rage'

the new shit (lemmynsfw.com)
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You don't see me waiting around for my luggage, do you?

O Yea (lemmy.world)
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Heh (lemmy.world)
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