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For anyone curious they do make electroshock sex toys, dont use a fucking taser. Use something that isnt built as a weapon. And if ya really dont have the money get one of those fucking electric acupuncture thingies theyre great to harass your friends.

Also I aint into electroshock I new a woman who was and would not shut up about her fucking sex toys. Ive arched enough batteries to know I want nothing to do with it.

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Rural either breeds technological literacy that is utterly contaminated by hate based understanding of it or technological illiteracy where they think anything shiny is super advanced. I am in the former, I like old tech because it works and I prefer the design philosophy of keep it simple stupid. Ive met plenty in the latter who think that the "internet box" can be improved with prayer meanwhile its choking on dust.

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I think they were using hyperbole dude, zero meaning relatively few in relation to whats needed. Its basically the zame as saying fuck all.

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You can have independent operations by members states. If a couple of my cousins and myself go and murder someone that doesnt mean it was done by my clan. It just means some people in my clan are murderers, most alliance networks allow independent operations and actions seperate from the alliance.

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Call it the North American Trade Union and try to get some of the Central Americans in on it. Also invite Greenland into it just to make that situation where Denmark is part of the EU but greenland isnt more confusing.

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Fallout: New Vegas is powered by my ever dwindling sanity. I am currently trying to get my mods to play nice.

Also its implied ingame that only the strip is powered by the damn dam and that Freeside and West Vegas get either limited or no power, hence why directing the electricity from Helios One to the area is such a big deal.

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Apples to oranges dude, this is for pure spectacle that wears off after five minutes. Plus any data gained from it was at the lab they prototyped it I believe in Burbank. This aint really a sign of progress, and itll be funny to see what happens to it when it inevitably breaks.

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They kinda do, the reason no one bothers to find nukes lost back in the 50s is because they arent nukes anymore, hell they may not even be explosive. Half life means that the nukes just kinda become not nukes after awhile.

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A weakling who I want to kill woth a Daneaxe, a prime example of a debauched profligate with neither morals nor forethought who was able to amass wealth and influence by staying under the radar to a degree. But once he was able to gain the fame that his kind crave due to their misinterpretation of fame equaling power he got himself into international legal troubles.

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Eh whatever, couldnt really care too much less at this point.

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The face looks rather... Hapsburg.

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Im kinda excited about his cabinet continuing but yeah. Biden could be replaced by one of those novelty singing fish and id be somewhat neutral to it still.

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