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His son, Bernardino O'Higgins went on to become Dictator of an independent Chile.

Jaysus. That's a new one for me. Bit of a stain. I must read up more on it.

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Neighbours: I hope you know I'm only taking the piss.

For what it's worth all that stuff is long behind us and we don't hold you accountable for the past, sure you'd nothing to do with it.

This is just like you and the Germans - you'll always cheer their opposition but there's no actual ill will.

I do hope the Spanish win though because I can't fucking listen to my English brother in law banging on if you do win.

At least we're close in the rugby so the slagging trade is fair.

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Yeah, in fairness they played well against the Dutch so if they can replicate that they have a chance but Spain have been consistently good throughout.

Just checked the odds there out of interest - Spain favourites to "lift the cup" at 7/10 while England are 11/10.

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Oh sorry.... England are facing Spain in the final of the Euro football championship.

Gonna edit the post.

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For those not in the know: England are facing Spain in the final of the Euro football championship.

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Big fan of the Motorola phones myself (I'm the chief phone buyer in the house) and that one looks like a very similar spec to mine.

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Current phone is the OnePlus Nord 2T. Absolutely great phone. I really love the screen as I do watch movies on it.

My only issue is that I'm not sure it'll ever get Lineage support and I think that might be down to the processor in it.

Are you looking for a new phone yourself?

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Current phone was 240 euro. One before that was 460 but I got 5 years out of it. The only real difference I notice is in the screen.

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My kids, who I consider excellent trolls, do not have that level of patience. That is top tier.

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What's your country's generic name for them?

Cool pops here. Dominant brand when I was a kid was Mister Freeze.

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Depends where you're from ;)

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Ah well then 100% excusable. Take that rest though. Good for the soul. Taking one myself here after an active day. Bliss.

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Hahaha. Well no worries I did get a laugh. Like there's stuff on fire and everything. 😁


This is a year old but I'd never come across it before.


Keen to hear any novel ideas (or just the humdrum of your weekend).

Planning on watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and / or Star Trek Voyager with the 10 year old myself. Going on a decent hike and playground with the gang also in the mix.

The usual sports stuff.


"All the little bits"


Senator Kevin Cramer also said that Mike Johnson clearly expressed his intention to help Ukraine.

"He was pretty clear about it,"

Sounds positive.


A nice story for a bit of a change. This one's about kids from Ukraine who have settled in the West of Ireland. They seem very happy in the video.

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Looks like Paul is in the "Find Out" stage. Apologies for the potato quality.

Edit: just for clarity, not spotted by me. My best friend sent me this


This Swedish lad does incredible work demining and teaching over in Ukraine. Definitely worth a subscribe.


Details are fairly scant at this point but the head of Ukraine's air force has confirmed it on telegram.

Total value of that is > $120M USD. Nom nom nom.

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