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I also think it looks like an Isetta

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I love jellyfish 🪼

Great pic!

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Agreed! I would add, if it’s a smaller scene, you may be able to approach the organizers and see about helping to promote the event or do setup/strike/cleanup. Volunteering is a decent way to meet folks IMO

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Can we talk about the Stack Overflow macro pad, though? Do you use it often?

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Wasted Bananas


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I did use a crypto mining OS that was Linux but with lots of scripts that were written in… PHP! I never thought I’d see it.

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Fuji apples

Care Care oranges

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I think It’s running on their “Private cloud compute” platform, not locally (I’m not sure though)


Hey all, started playing SPD a month or two ago, really enjoying it! I followed a build guide from Reddit for “first win” using Mage with shielding and looking for the Potential enchant on armor. Worked well, did get my first win with it… now, I want to ascend!

What’s your go-to build for ascending? I know a lot of stuff is random per the seed, but still, I want your tips. One specific question, do you ration your health pots at all for the ascent?

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Looks like hCaptcha IMHO


Two mimics guarding this chest?! I left it behind 😿

Caviar (lemmyf.uk)

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The state of streetwear lately let's be honest


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Mumbai billboard collapse: Eight dead and dozens injured

Tens of people are still feared to be trapped with a rescue operation under way, emergency services say.

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a booty that makes it rain

inflation (lemmy.world)

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You've got to do more than just forego that expensive avocado toast!


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8 children, 1 adult die after eating sea turtle meat in Zanzibar, officials say


Hi EDM fans, Just wanted to let you know that I have created “Raves” as a place to have discussions that are not strictly music related. I will definitely be joining this community as well!

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