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I must be too old to understand this.

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So next time someone says they have a bridge to sell me, I should say "yes"?

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Plus they knew that one bomb wouldn't be enough. One bomb could be all that we had. They had to prove otherwise. I've heard that they were finishing the assembly of the second bomb in-route, but that seems like an old wives tale to me. I don't think you can make atomic bombs in the cargo hold of a jostling bomber aircraft.

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Fighting to the death has been a huge part of Japanese warrior culture for thousands of years.

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They're outright telling everyone what they're going to do, and for some strange reason, our government just keeps marching along like it's business as usual.

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It's not funny.

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Have bridges always cost this much money?

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Is that an otter in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

Edit: gosh dang it! Someone already said it.

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In fact, you're FAR more likely to be killed by or to kill someone you love if you have a gun than you are to be killed by a stranger.

I'm pretty sure that's the case everywhere that has guns. Statistically, there's way more occurrences where there's a potential for death with people you're around all the time. Plus, there are a lot of boneheaded people in the world.

But to your original point, a burglar, or intruder, or stalker, or whatever, doesn't need to have a gun to make it a good idea for you to have a gun. Why would you want to meet someone who's invading your house on equal footing? The idea is to have overwhelming odds on your side so that you can come out of the situation unscathed. Nobody's going to see an intruder with a knife and go "oops, he only has a knife, so I better put my baseball bat down and grab my pocket knife!". That's just silly movie machismo stuff. You want as much advantage as you can get.

It's highly unlikely that most people will ever encounter any scenario like that. That's true. But that doesn't make it a bad idea to be prepared. As unlikely as it is, I know someone who suffered a home invasion in her 2nd floor apartment in a gated community, in the nice part of town. The burglars climbed her balcony, and threw her BBQ through the sliding glass door while she was sitting on the couch. Then they forced her onto the ground and made her sit cross-legged with her face between her knees while they stole everything of value that she owned. Would a gun have helped her? Maybe not. Idk. But the point of owning a gun for self defense, or home defense, or whatever, is to be prepared for the times when it would help you. Not everyone who owns a gun is a crazy gun person who makes it their whole identity. Some people just want to be prepared, and some people just enjoy the sport of marksmanship.

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Hunting rifles are much, much easier to commit murder from afar with. They're high powered, they're scoped, and they're made to kill animals much larger than a person. That doesn't mean they should be banned. I can kill someone with a pencil too, but they'll still let me bring one into the courthouse.


I've been using Arch on an old laptop for a few years now, but I use Pop on my gaming desktop. I've wanted to switch to Arch for a long while now, but haven't had the motivation (if it ain't broke, and all that). I'm finally ready to do it, but I'm a little concerned about my gaming experience. Are there any gotchas for gaming with an i7 and a 3070 ti that I should be aware of before I make the switch? Is it pretty seamless? Can I still use a freesync monitor with the g-sync compatibility setting? Is it easy to install the Nvidia drivers and well documented on the wiki? I'm open to information about any other sticky scenarios you guys encountered getting Arch set up for use as a daily driver and gaming computer.

Edit: is there any way to backup my internal drive mappings and mounting points, or will I need to set all of that up again?

I've only ever used Gnome for Arch, but one of the things that has me motivated to switch is that KDE 6 supports HDR. Does anyone have experience with it? Is it a pretty slick and simple DE?


I've added some instances to the instance filters, yet I continue seeing those instances. Is there something else that I need to do to block entire instances?


Every time I get a notification that someone has commented or messaged me it is back to the Show All option, even though I've set it to Show Unread a hundred times already.


But I doubt I could fight off one horse sized duck.

Can you find all 7? (
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I think this one needs a clue. The genre is heavy metal music, and the band is from the 70's.

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