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I've been listening to them since they released 39/Smooth back in 1990. Great band!

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Love it! Very good.

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Please, remember to be(e) nice when using Beehaw. Your comment is NOT nice.

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Dune: Part Two is a masterpiece.

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They better vote against all these christo-fascist MAGA nut jobs then.

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I didn’t know if certain food supply chains were more exposed to PFAS than others.

Currently, this is being studied. There just isn't enough data yet. However, and generally speaking, most foods that are cultivated far from pesticides would be the safest. For example, 'organic' food supplies.

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From what I've read about this subject, if you are mostly eating from home then you will avoid most PFAS. The highest levels of PFAS are found in grease-resistant containers. These types of containers are, typically, used in take-out restaurants for foods such as hamburgers and french fries.

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Very good "Explain Like I'm Five" there!

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Thanks for all of that information!


So far I've planted fruit-bearing trees and other perennials over the past 12 years living in rural Maine. I have zero experience with annual vegetable gardening. My, initial, plan is to start with one vegetable next spring/summer. I've chosen cucumbers since it is the most popular amongst my immediate family members (wife and two boys).

The motivation behind this is NOT for sustenance. It is to add an enjoyable hobby for my self. In the off chance that it is NOT enjoyable, then I haven't invested too much time, effort and money. If I end up enjoying it (which I believe I will), then starting small would be less overwhelming and conducive to a gradual learning experience. Henceforth, since this is not for personal sustenance, we have a local food bank that I could contribute to.

My initial idea is to start growing the cucumbers in a large plastic pot located in my back yard.

And that is how far I've gotten in the planning process.

Any and all advice is very welcome.


I am speaking from a, purely, unofficial standpoint. I have not conferred with the other Beehaw admins prior to posting this.

However, it looks like that huge sum of money is making it's way from our former fiscal collective to our new collective.

I worked on the initial transition process, months ago, and it became increasingly frustrating. When spring/summer arrived here, I no longer wanted to devote my time to it for several reasons.

First, I live in a very northern/cold/icy/snowy place. And when the weather broke, I wanted to be outdoors as much as possible.

Second, I did not want my growing frustrations to bloom into anger that would cast unwanted negativity onto the other Beehaw admins and the new collective that we were seeking to move to.

So, @[email protected] agreed to take over at that point. Thankfully, they have done an incredible job at keeping level-headed despite the enormous challenge with getting this done.

If I am not jumping the gun here, then I believe we have overcome a significant hurdle.

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