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Machina Labs has come up with a way to roboform metal.


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Understandable. Thanks for replying.

Now... what are some of your favorite new sci-fi movies? =)

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I actually agree. I started losing interest in the show during season 5 (2021). But like how GoT seasons went, I don't write the show off as a loss because the last few seasons weren't strong hitters.

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You take that back! You're just jealous that you're not Big Tuna. /s

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Just like your mom! HA! GOTT'EM!

What hard working lady!

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Knowing there should be a comma in the sentence, is half the battle. Knowing why... is the other half.

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TIL what a Hallucigenia is.

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Knowledge can only take us so far. It's how 'we' use that knowledge, that matters the most. But be carful, as false information can, and has been passed off as knowledge. Knowledge: the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association

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Explain, please.

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I'm still not sure about the following yet, but it seems to be accurate. 'Unregulated' capitalism is what the US has been dealing with for many, many years now. I look to the major countries in Europe to see what kind of economies they run, to help me understand what a better off country might look like. (Yes, most of them are part of the EU, and that itself brings Pros and Cons to singular economies.)

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It's not so much that people don't want to learn about it. It's more so that they don't want to be told/believe. Another factor IMO, is that they can't understand it, so they won't believe it. And you can't force people to understand something. It takes time. Think back to your days in school. Think about your favorite teacher. How did they teach you about something you had no idea about? Did they start to become unglued when you didn't understand what they were talking about? Did they tell you to just believe it because it's true?

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