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Good lord not again man. You can't dictate how we, the people from LATAM, speak our language.

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Thank you for your BASED take bro

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Yeah, that's the burden of the enlightened

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Paganel has entered the chat

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It's not the only value but you do you

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Oh boy, you guys are gonna love the global pension fund crash then!

Which shouldn't be a problem, but with how abjectly you guys reject AI and automation, it is gonna be a problem

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That's what you took from it? I took the developing space colonies on Saturn, whatever miracle space engine development they got that allows them to get to Titan in One year, whatever security measures they have that allows them to get into orbit without any kind of spacesuit, the wholesale pervasive electric cars, implied sexual dysmorphism cures, the retro noir aesthetic, the possibility of having kids with the best chances at not having congenital diseases and the main character sheer determination on pursuit of his dreams and his sheer disregard for the security of the people depending on him while suffering from a congenital cardiac issue.

What a legend

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This doesn't make any sense at all. I'd love to be on GATTACA but we are most definitely not

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Calculator wristwatches

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Bilateral half naked or radial half naked

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Bro you need to chill

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