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Yea, people here get the plague from rodents like prairie dogs "all" (uncommon but not unheard of) the time here (Northern AZ) and it's just treated with antibiotics.

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Y'all needed more Elmer's glue for the mohawks

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Not really that fragile, you (generalizing for most of Lemmy) just put excessive strain on it by sitting at a desk and using a computer.

The other big one is brachial impingement because you all slouch and your shoulders get so fucked up they pinch the nerve for 90% of your fuckin arm.

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This is me and it's painful. My wonderful partner has developed a 6th sense for if I must've forgot to hit send on a reply

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There's far more malice than stupidity. I believe he was actually evil

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Considering Cheetahs cannot run at 95mph, metric is the safe bet.

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Not too stupid. He wanted the world war back.

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Questioned doesn't mean she was answered and then attacked. She was also shit faced and hostile. I doubt she heard or even cared if she did. She's just going Muslim=bad as Fox has drilled at her.

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I don't think it's that deep. She saw a hijab and went full hate, nothing specifically about Palestinians, just so happens to be that the victims are also Palestinian.

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You managed to understand Stellaris?

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After 100%ing the game, seeing some of y'all complaining is something else. Reeks of not even trying to learn.

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As long as a mall is open, it'll have a Hot Topic. They are eternal.

If you like band or anime shirts they frequently have 20-40% off "almost everything" sales that make it worth it.


I seriously cannot have any degree of nuanced conversation here.

Like I get it, we all know capitalism is bad, but it feels like every time I or anyone go towards discussing the steps that need to be taken to address current looming problems in the short term, someone has to jump in and shut it down with "capitalism bad >:[ " and tear down any idea presented because its not complete and total destruction of the current economic model.

The result just feels like an echo chamber where no actual solutions get presented other than someone posting whole ass dissertations on their 33-step (where 30/33 steps are about as vague as "we'll just handle it") plan to fully convert the world to an anarchist commune.

Edit: I still vastly prefer Lemmy and the fediverse and a whole, my complaint here is that many of you are TOO INTENSE. You blow up small scale discussion.

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