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Jeremy Clarkson: Just been for a walk round the farm and I'm a bit alarmed by how few butterflies there are.

Something is afoot.

Danny Wallace: Diesel-smelling Top Gear host who threatened climate protestors misses butterflies.


Absolutely loved it, the whole ride. Cant stop saying Get Excited way too often. I thought the ending paid off well and even though my favorite ship sank I was happy with where everyone ended up.

Gen is my favorite character love that he always tops popularity polls.

Ibara is my favorite villain, love that crafty sunavaremoved (though later ones are cool too!)

Would've taken another hundred chapters but I know things have to end eventually.

The 3 chapter epilogue series 4D was awesome.

If you're looking for a shonen to read thats finished and not crazy long (232 chapters) I highly recommend it.


Full description: A U.S. Air Force F-16 Viper from the Pacific Air Forces F-16 Demonstration Team performs during the Arctic Thunder Open House at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, July 21, 2024. The PACAF F-16 Demonstration Team is the premier U.S. aerial demonstration team in the Indo-Pacific region. The team has operated out of the 35th Fighter Wing, Misawa Air Base, Japan, since its inception in 1995 when it became the first demonstration team to fly the block 50 version of the F-16 Fighting Falcon. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Shelimar Rivera Rosado)



Es. analisi II - Direzione e verso di massima crescita


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Full description: U.S. Marines with Corporals Course, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Beaufort, rush forward during a simulated firefight for a culminating event at MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina, June 28, 2024. Corporals Course is a month-long professional military education program that develops Marines’ small unit leadership skills and continues to prepare them to lead Marines. The culminating event consisted of land navigation, an improvised explosive device lane, tug-of-war, grappling and completing the obstacle course with gear. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Kyle Baskin)


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I'm sorry to see Canada getting hit by yet another big fire and smoke season. Hang in there, friends. We're burning down here in the northwest US, too.

This image was taken from NASA's daily satellite view with hot spots highlighted in red.

And, for anyone curious, here's an interactive USA/Canada wildfire map.

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Het blauwtongvirus blijft zich snel verspreiden onder schapen en koeien in Nederland. In een week tijd zijn er vierhonderd locaties waar nieuwe besmettingen zijn geconstateerd. De besmettingen zijn vooral in het oosten en zuidoosten van het land.


Een bijzondere melding in Noordoost-Brabant dit weekend: een wandelaar heeft een vlinder met een spanwijdte van zo'n 17 centimeter gespot. Het gaat om de atlasvlinder, die van nature alleen voorkomt in de (sub)tropische bossen in Azië.

De vlinder is hier niet zelf naartoe komen gekomen, zegt Kars [...]


You can find their site hosting their links here:

I've been looking into small little fun ways to tie us into the wider trans community and decided hooking into webrings would be cute. As you can see, our link is now near the bottom on their resources page.

Eventually said that this webring will have a unique little icon, will ask about getting it added as an emoji eventually


De Britse tak van het noodlijdende vloerenbedrijf Carpetright wordt overgenomen. Daarmee heeft het bedrijf een faillissement voorkomen. Tapi, een ander vloerbekledingsbedrijf, neemt het bedrijf over.


De moordaanslag op oud-president Donald Trump was 'de grootste operationele blunder van de Secret Service in decennia'. Dat zegt het hoofd van de Amerikaanse veiligheidsdienst Kimberly Cheatle bij een hoorzitting over de bescherming van Trump.

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