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Yes, as long as the pressure keeps building up.

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There it is

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If people want to blame the liberals then they should also blame first-past-the-post for forcing them into 2 options

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Yup, hopefully people see past the anger and fear.

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If he becomes prime minister he is going to have people killed on his watch.

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Down with Israel.

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It will be a glorious day once he gets taken care of with proportional representation, goes down in the polls and gets voted out.

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I’m glad to see people coming out to support Joe Biden. He is not perfect but he’s the best choice.

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I support Joe Biden however the reason you only have two choices is because of first-past-the-post making it difficult for more than 2 parties to compete. The us needs ranked choice.

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You can make home-made cheese with cashews

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This comment is on point!

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