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I love Good Omens. A friend recommended it to me as a comedy to read. I was skeptical having never read a comedy before, but it was hilarious and entertaining all the way through. The show on Amazon does a pretty good job of capturing the spirit of the book I think too.

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Maybe this makes me old, but I much prefer a written document explaining how an API works over Swagger.

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That's what I don't understand either. It can't just be about money at that point right? Like they must intentionally be trying to bring back slavery or something.

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Seriously. This image convinced me hell is real and I'm going there for having seen it.

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Same. Especially since I've been building EDWs for most of my career. People are always surprised that it actually takes time to integrate with different systems.

"What do you mean you can't just pull all the data out of this system that we don't have database access to and are still building out the APIs?"

I kid... The people asking for stuff don't know what backend databases and APIs are.

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One of my neighbors likes to brag that he's never changed his kid's diaper. It's not impressive like he thinks it is.

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I feel like a large news organization should take their chances with a lawsuit. Bezos has got enough money to have the Washington Post do it. Make Trump argue in court that while he was found guilty of paying off a pornstar to cover up his adultery, it doesn't mean he's an actual adulterer.

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That would have been fine for me too. I don't own the API, so I can only speak from a consumer perspective in saying: I don't want a HTTP 200 if my request didn't succeed.

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Someone mentioned that Hitler Dood thing was actually Afrikaans, not Dutch. But yeah, poor Dutch and their notities...

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I was talking to a friend just yesterday. She got offered a job but has to take a drug test and it somehow slipped her mind that this would be a possibility. So when the HR person gave her the offer and mentioned the need for a drug test, my friend said "oooohh yeah, I'm going on vacation this week and next, so I can get that scheduled when I get back."

The HR person said, "we should get it done ASAP before you go on vacation. Delaying a drug test isn't a good look." My friend told me her internal thoughts, which were "dammit can't you just be cool for like a MINUTE!"

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe ecstacy is actually dehydrating. Dancing at a rave for hours on end without drinking anything is though.

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Oh yeah, they never explain the slowing down part huh? But they also seem to be self propelled somehow since they are zipping all over the place and slamming into particles inside of our particle accelerators.


I love in Colorado, which is a pretty dry state, so while I had heard of "wet filament", I never considered it to be a problem that I would have to worry about. I had seen people creating dry storage bins for their filament, but figured that must just be for people in humid climates.

When I first bought my 3D printer a few years ago, I did what most people probably do - I bought a 10 pack of different filament colors. Everything printed great for a while, but eventually, my prints just started to kind of suck. I made a few upgrades to my printer, but still couldn't pinpoint what was going on. What was frustrating, is that some times my prints would be great - but other times I couldn't even print the most simple prints without problems.

I eventually noticed that my great prints were from newer filament that I had recently purchased, but my bad prints were coming from spools I've had sitting out for a while. So I purchased a $40 filament dryer on Amazon and it instantly fixed all the problems I'd been having.

I feel dumb, because I had gone through three different extruders, new hot ends, new nozzles, tubing, and spent tons of time cleaning and tightening stuff on my printer. I had left my printer untouched for months because it was just so frustrating. Something as simple as old filament left out never occurred to me until much later.

TLDR; If your prints have started to suck after a while, you might want to try drying your filament.


Key point seems to be:

...the Committee is reviewing allegations pursuant to Committee Rules 14(a)(3) and 18(a) that Representative Gaetz may have: engaged in sexual misconduct and illicit drug use, accepted improper gifts, dispensed special privileges and favors to individuals with whom he had a personal relationship, and sought to obstruct government investigations of his conduct.

Verdict is in (sh.itjust.works)
Drink up (sh.itjust.works)

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