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It's worth it for me and a lot of other people.

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100%. That's the perfect way of putting it too. Sagan seemed super humble and had a genuine state of wonder with with universe. NDT seems like an insufferable know it all douche who just likes publicity. Being a know it all seems antithetical to science.

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Email already has a To: field. There's no point in writing it in the body.

A professional email would be the same as an informal one. Start with "Hello!" or "Good morning!".

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just 2 people

What does this mean?

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I know bike tires will lose pressure in colder seasons because the air temp causes the pressure to drop, but is the inverse true? Does bike tire pressure go up in summer due to heat?

If so, do I need to deflate the tires a bit in summer? Do bike tires ever explode because of a temperature change?

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Seriously, there was a time when Google was lauded for all kinds of awesome innovation, and joked about that you needed a PhD to even be a janitor there.

Look at them now. They can't even do basic search functionality anymore, and are so misguided that they put out color filters for video.

I 100% agree they need to just stop existing at this point.

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It perplexes me that people choose to use a platform which won't let even let them choose how a browser works.

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Not with their end product - the powder itself is excellent. But every little packet is plastic, and doesn't have to be. The world has such a serious problem with plastics, and for a lot of products it's kind of necessary, but this is not one of them.

Restaurants have had the same size single serving packets for sugar, salt, and pepper for decades now and those are paper, which is much more environmentally friendly. It's even better for usability! With paper, I don't need to go find my scissors like I do for TWW's plastic packets.

I asked TWW if they would consider using paper instead, but got a generic reply that they'll bring it up, but evidently nothing has been done about this.

Is anyone else as disappointed as I am with their use of plastic packets? I care a lot about having clean water for my coffee, and I care just as much about not polluting the rest of the world because of it.

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I don't get it. Internet is media, just like books, TV, or movies. Media is full of fucked up shit. Everything from Mein Kampf to photos of dead bodies to adult novels. We've had things like that since forever, and we've always just left it to adults to prevent kids from seeing the bad things, until they're ready.

Why is it suddenly different for the internet?

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Please stop saying "mainland China". It implies Taiwan is part of China, at least to some.

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Yeah but he offset the negative environmental impact by killing all those people.

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Same idea as Lemmy except for chat. Basically Reddit is to Lemmy as Slack / Discord is to Matrix. One minor detail is Matrix is actually the protocol, so it's more like ActivityPub (which is Lemmy's protocol), and there are specific apps for Matrix which use that protocol.

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Because a lot of the time you lose users because there aren't enough users.

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This might seem obviously "yes" at first, but consider a method like foo.debugRepr() which outputs the string FOO and has documentation which says it is meant only to be used for logging / debugging. Then you make a new release of your library and want to update the debug representation to be **FOO**.

Based on the semantics of debugRepr() I would argue that this is NOT a breaking change even though it is returning a different value, because it should only affect logging. However, if someone relies on this and uses it the wrong way, it will break their code.

What do you think? Is this a breaking change or not?

JSON, I hardly know 'er (www.youtube.com)
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