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That's rather dismissive.

I don't mean it that way.

Are you saying that the notion that wealth disparity is bad is just some guy's opinion,

This is true yes, but back to the original topic

or that you're not supposed to be able to get rich being a movie star (or a private equity investor, or a hedge fund manager, or a California gold miner)?

This yes. I am saying nobody has any authority to assert what is or isn't supposed to be highly paid, but it is fair to believe nobody should be highly paid.

Usually when people are vague and terse, I assume they're losing interest in the conversation. It's okay to walk away.

I really do genuinely appreciate the consideration, I'm fine right now, but thank you regardless!

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Imo, religion having any correlation with being a bit more right wing is a historical coincidence, right wing economics was in the 18th and 19th century often tied to less religious people.

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They wave nazi flags, they goosestep like Nazis, they believe in fascism like nazis.

Of course there are still people who believe in Nazi ideology, but if they believe this: "American Nazies want more slaves. Minorities need to have more babies… as long as they stay poor and uneducated." then they very likely aren't that

Not sure why you’re defending the honor of Nazis (or maybe you’re defending non-nazi white supremacists

Saying a term is inaccurate isn't defending them, you know that, and to suggest it is disingenuous.

Eg. I don't like pedophiles or serial killers, but calling a one the other is simply inaccurate.

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The quoted portion, from my perspective added nothing, but I might of misinterpreted it, so please explain

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Racists, neo-nazis, white nationalists, it depends what they are. Nazi ideology was not just racism, it was inherently tied to a form of economic corporatism.

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I mean, feel free to check my own comments if you want

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Its who I thought of, because its (at least for Friedman, not Ayn Rand) who I align with more(somewhat) on the right. I am an agnostic and pretty right-wing(by my own definition)

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... Yes for average Americans, yes. Again, I'm talking about FDR and other political leaders

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... Yes for average Americans, yes. Again, I'm talking about FDR and other political leaders

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to quote an old reddit comment:

There is no doubt that the US was going to enter the war before Pearl Harbor. Not only was American aid to the Allies massive (and increasing month by month), but the U.S. was already effectively at war with Germany - by mid-1941 American ships were escorting British convoys with orders to shoot German ships/aircraft on sight. There's a reason Hitler declared war on the US when he had no obligation to. Germany and the US were already in direct conflict.

More to the point, collaborative war planning had been going on long before Pearl Harbor. [The ABC-1]( Conference for example outlined the broad strokes of Allied strategy for the rest of the war.

There is no reasonable scenario where the US would not have entered the war.

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Eh, FDR and other US politicians wanted to enter the war for various reasons, including the oppression of Jews, the attack on Pearl Harbor was a convenient spark for them. (Not saying they plotted it or anything, just they desired to join the war before that, and it gave them a reason to convince the more (largely) pacifism minded public

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which likely contributed to his suicide.

remember, it is still unknown if it was actually a suicide at all


The real shower thought was about movement across the highest speed we know of at the minimum distance we know of, so I divided Planck length by the speed of light.


It makes it clear the direction of movement and how the user has to position themselves so they can ride it without thinking about it- but it saves power from slowing down

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