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I'm interested in both!


I've somehow avoided experiencing any of Shakespeare's work outside of Hamlet, Julius Caesar, and Romeo and Juliet. I prefer to see plays acted out rather then just reading them so I'm looking for the best film versions of his work to experience.

My personal favorite is Franco Zeffirelli's Hamlet, I watch it all the time and absolutely love it. I love how accurate it is to the play, as well as the costuming and set design feeling so real mixed with the gravitas and drama of the play.

Please share your favorites and tell me a little about why?

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get it cruel bcuz hes mean but also ruel is pronounced like rule (please clap)

Promise? (
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Thank you! Had no idea this existed. Just downloaded and donated so you just helped the dev!

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What software is that? Sounds nice.

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I always check people's comment history before I block, to see if they are always a jerk or if they're just having a bad day.

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Wonderful motion in this. I love how the swirling flames carry your eyes around the piece while the stoic figure holds them still.

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Fair enough, any site can take a dark turn tho

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Tumblr is a lot of fun though. We have fedi versions of a lot of sites but no real alternative to Tumblr

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Maybe you're powerless, I could stop it if I wanted to

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Woah an 8/8 for 2 mana!! Wizards needs to ban this before it breaks the format.

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Mods if this is over the line let me know


Fantastic game btw. Players 1 and 2 each pick a character, and then you get cutscenes featuring those two characters interacting between every level. Gives the game a lot of replayability.

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