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A map. It’s not the example I’d prefer when debating whether or not life imitates art.

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Vote. Emphatically say “HUHN! You like that?!” with every check mark.

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I’m using Apple Music currently. I’ve been listening to Discovery Station a lot recently and been turned on to more bands from the last 80 years than I could have imagined. It seems to use your regular listening habits to “discover” music that is similar yet brand new to me. When I get bored of a style I might remember something else I like to listen to and it will throw in that mix soon enough. Both impressive and scary at the same time.

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Cling tenaciously to my buttocks!

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My niece and nephew loved the “this guy” gag. What’s got two thumbs and thinks you’re the coolest? THIS GUY! and point to yourself with your thumbs.

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No. Jusssst realllly happy to sssssee you!

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RealDoll has entered the chat.

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Not a parent BUT the best thing I ever saw for a small child was “fast feet”. Basically, teach the kid to run in place like it’s a game, making fast feet. Do it enough and it tires them out.

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🔥b00bs🔥 feel like bags of sand 💯


I’ve been brewing indoors on a gas stove and it takes forever to get 10 gallons to a boil. I bought an outdoor propane burner and haven’t taken it for a spin yet. How long does a propane tank usually last you?

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