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I am not calling out the need for the request but pedantically suggesting there is a nice to ask someone to be nice and 'be nice' isn't it.

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I disagree. Without at least a "please" in there it cannot be considered nice.

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Can you provide a context in which it is?

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Telling people to "be nice" isn't being nice.

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No, see they are miserable so you must be miserable.

They don't want to not engage with these services that they know manipulate them but choose to do so anyway but deny any responsibility for their own actions because those same algorithms told them they aren't responsible.

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Confirmation bias.

After a quick skim of this study I don't feel it proof of anything. It looks more like p-hacking.

The data was pulled from a database so it's entirely statically analysis. There's no control. It's all self reported.

It's quite odd that being a former smoker caused one to perform better than a current smoker or a never smoker. Of course they leave that out of the abstract.

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Seems like the new government was the reason and not these protestors.

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I didn't personal insult you, you were insulted on someone's behalf. That's precious.

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Allowing bad ideas to propagate unchallenged helps no one.

There are studies behind the negative affects on brain health that occur with vegan diet are not something I made up.

Unlike the agenda based studies that vegans trot out, there is hard science backing it up.

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The meme is about this type response. Hilarious.

Veganism does cause intellectual deficiencies. Did you forget to take your supplements?

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I'm not your puppet but I understand why you expect I must be; your lived experience contains nothing else.

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Yeah. We get it. You're an American doing Putin's work for free. That isn't better.

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