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Monster Magnet are cool.

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Yuck Lyme is awful.

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Letterkenny. I'm obsessed. And Drag Race All Stars 9.

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Love TPB! Get two birds stoned at once.

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I mostly spent my time on Livejournal, or reading large family adoption blogs. As a result I have friends with 27 and 39 kids respectively. Blogging was so sweet then and so therapeutic. Facebook ruined everything.

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Digging to China in his bed so I'll pay attention to him.

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Masks certainly do work. Hospitals used them for decades pre pandemic for a reason.

Ahhhhh. (
Have you? (
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Glad you liked!

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What if the doctor was just going in to get takeout? Or just plain wants to wear a mask while they're not eating? Whose business is it but theirs? I thought Americans believed in freedom.

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Love Joy Williams!

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I'll never understand why they're so psychotic about masks. What do you care about someone else protecting their health if they see fit?

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