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Truly one of the worst adaptions ever made. It's astonishing that people might have actually tried and worked hard to make this heap of garbage.

Usually, in trash movies/TV you can see the vision at least and understand how maybe studio executives, or lack of technology, or even lack of ability destroyed the project. The kernel of what originally sold it is still there. But with Halo, I didn't see any of that. Everything was bad. Nobody cared, and nobody tried.

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I had a family member once tell me that I have to hate the people that God hates. I don't think so.

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The problem is that Biden and Democrats won handily in 2020 by promising a path forward, but here we are 4 years later with not much path forward, just more treading water. Democrats didn't groom or build up any new candidates, they didn't make pushes in local government or the judiciary or any significant reforms. They've pushed a handful of executive actions that have been blocked and compromised badly with Republicans on so much else.

The current Democratic leadership is trying to get walked to first, but we need them to swing for the fence.

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Considering that taking the red pill causes you to awaken to the realities of the world around you, and you could describe that as being woke, I'd say they're idiots.

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Obviously, we need to arm teachers with TOW missiles.

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Sic semper tyrannis.

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Slightly younger old millennial.

Bacon used to be just about the most expensive meat you could buy.

Bill Clinton tried to kill Osama bin Laden.

Terrorists were angry leprechauns who had been abused by centuries of British oppression.

Russia was kind of cool for a little while.

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Words are wind.

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The more jobs you have, the more means of production you control, obviously. /s

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It's because the goal isn't to win you over, it's to blame you for the inevitable loss.

It's all copium, especially today. Biden was already a shaky candidate and that was a terrible showing.

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It's an interesting stat. Is this individuals or households? Is it "head of household" or is it also counting minors?

Regardless, there's enormous disparity.

The median wealth in India, according to Wikipedia, is $3755. There's probably hundreds of millions of people there who fall into the less than $380 category.

Again, Wikipedia, but Africa has just over 700M inhabitants with a median $1242 wealth. That's $879B. For everyone on the continent. 8 people have 1.5X more wealth than an entire continent full of people.

But maybe it's not 3.6B people. Maybe it's 3B or only 2B people. It's still not OK.

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I remember sitting in the theater for Episode VII. I had a sense of excitement because it could be anything. It wasn't an adaption of a book I'd already read, like Game of Thrones. It wasn't a remake, like the Disney live action stuff. It was a reboot, but in a totally new direction since they threw out all the EU stuff.

It was retreaded garbage.

The only movie I've ever been more disappointed in while sitting in the theater was Cowboys and Aliens, because I was so excited for it to be xenomorphs. So sad. But it did cement that I will never trust a movie with old Harrison Ford in it.

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