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Mail carriers should want a Democratic administration as much as anyone. If they like having the job title of mail carrier anyway.

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Also the majority of actual voter fraud has been by republicans.

And then there was that attempted coup.

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Looks like it’s independent still. But not really close to the size of the Nestle brands (like Starbucks bagged coffee)

Here’s the brands listed on the Wikipedia page (though Seattles Best is missing, but present on Nestles own site):


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There’s the Coolidge (green line is a bit of a pain) and Somerville Theater (right off the redline in Davis square).

The Brattle is also really good for rare, arthouse films and it’s a rear projection screen which is kinda novel now.

I haven’t been to the Drafhouse, but see no reason to, especially now that it’s owned by Sony.

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Wait do we need sustainable population growth, or just a sustainable population?

And we still need planning and collaboration to keep earth habitable (for a human population anyway).

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Same reason they don’t want people with college degree working for the police.

They’re dumb.

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Insurance is more than “to some extent”. Insurance companies are there to make a profit and protect as much of their gross revenue as possible (not just US health insurance either). The more they give back to customers as claims, the less they have for market investment, or just straight CEO pay and shareholder dividends. One possible exception for non-profit insurance companies, but they are pretty rare (unless you’re in Florida and the state insurance is all that’s left).

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The Amish might be more self reliant for the long haul. Keep growing veggies and chickens and you can outlast the Mormons during an insurgency.

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Yup, and most of the big brands are actually Nestle anyway. Fuck Nestle.

Edit: or Green Mountain which is now Keurig Dr Pepper?, depositor of plastic cups everywhere.

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I wondered if that was the trigger or just a symptom. I suspect, given his upbringing and previous reputation from other startups, it was just a symptom.

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Yeah, this treatment is for either public graffiti where the original moron will see the new version, or maybe reformed Nazis who had a tattoo

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But then they really have no idea and try to convince you it’s from some stupid diet trick fed to them by a sponsor.


Both tapping to read and tapping the check box in the messages view fails to make unread messages as read.

Also unable to post, my instance signed in properly and I can post from Voyager with the same login just fine.

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