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🀣 These prices are hilarious

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Not vengeance but justice. 2 years in prison then off you go is not justice. Now two years and 15 years paying support to the family you have wronged can be justice.

But just two years till you're good is not how it's supposed to work. There needs to be consequences otherwise there is no difference between somone going into rehab voluntarily for two years and somone killing two people and then being forced to go to rehab.

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I'm genuinely curios. As somone who basically just watches 1080p can you really tell a difference? I feel like my tv and eyes are just limited.

Even when I'm at Costco looking at the 10k ultra super duper HD footage... It just looks good. I wouid be hard pressed to really tell a difference from home when there's usually filters on movies so they never look super ultra sharp anyway.

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I don't want violence and we don't need it. What we need is for people to understand who is making their lives worse and who is stealing from them. It's not the blacks or gays or trans, it's the fucking billionaire and their hoards of lobbyists and bankers.

If people simply united to vote out these dipshits and excluded them from making decisions we'd all be better off.

But, half of the country is actively trying to elect a racist billionaire fascist.... So yea... We're a long way off.

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Hehe that's an understatement. I think we have like an entire city there full of American soldiers.

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Absolutely agree. I don't have any urge to stop working. But 40 h / 5 days a week is too much. Life is too fucking short especially given how productivity has skyrocketed yet wages have barely kept up.

Obligatory fuck Ronald Reagan and the Republican party.

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Yea I've considered that but I'm afraid of opening up anything on my local network to the outside. I'm not sure I'm technical enough to risk accidentally opening something that's a vector for attacks. I'm ok with everything only accessible from 192 I'm not out enough for it to matter too much.

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Stupid sexy Hermes!

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I have a pihole.

Every time I go out onto LTE I experience the shittery that the rest of the world lives with every day. It is brutal. I have no idea how people do it.

It's funny, even sync for lemmy I never use it outside because it also has huge shitty ads. But on my network all is nice and clean!

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Remeber CNN got bought by some FOX News right wing asshole. That's why they are shilling this shit.

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Pollinators of what?


Does anyone have any idea where to find the original Punk'd episodes? I was having some nostalgia and it seems like that show was nuked from the internet. Any chance anyone has a copy somewhere somehow?

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I'm running a raspberry pi 8GB version, as my plex entertainment center. I also ruin a pihole. The pie has an Ethernet connection.

I have two TV'S, a 2017 Samsung and a 2021 Hisense. Both with Ethernet connections.

My Samsung tv can't stream certain shows at all, they stutter like crazy I'm guessing it has something to do with the encoders? Yesterday I got a message color range not supported whatever the hell that is.

The Hisense TV does better on some shows, but still 4k content is unwatchable, it's constantly buffering.

So, is the problem with the pi? Is it not powerful enough for 4k shows, or some encoding problem or something?

Or is it the TVS, should I buy a Roku box instead, would that solve the streaming problems?


I'm using wefwef and I only see the total number for a post. So +15 or - 12 or whatever.

That's how it is on reddit and I believe it's one of the main reason discussion turned so toxic. Everyone is just looking at the number and deciding if a point is valid.

Seeing a comment with -1000/+900 is a lot different than just seeing - 100.

I believe it fosters toxicity and stifles discussion.

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