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Android is Linux. There are also open source versions of android like LineageOS and GrapheneOS. I have Graphene and it completely changed my relationship to my phone. No bloat, just what I want.

Banking apps work fine as they don't use google play services. Idk about the other features except maps, the open source version is OSMAnd, which is fine and works but takes some getting used to, and lacks many features/optimizations of Google Maps, which seems to get worse and worse every year.

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People on Lemmy really don't like any kind of equivocation between the two parties. Also saying that the Dems are a front for Republican objectives isn't correct either. Republicans are the party of nationalist industrial old money bourgeois, Dems are the party of nouveau riche, international finance capital, tech, and labor bureaucracy.

Leftists identify Democrat politicians as a class enemy, and it's true that the bourgeois base of the republicans will join the bourgeois base of the democrats in class solidarity if their class interests are threatened. Liberals also have a nasty habit of defending private property above all else which gives lefties the Heebie jeebies, and creates a lot of inter class strife among workers. The bourgeoisie is one thing, just like the working class is one thing, and as much as I believe that workers should unite to fight against their class enemies, the working class is divided into different striae (lower class reserve army of labor vs. Middle class suburban worker for example) that compete for the scraps, so why wouldn't the ruling capitalists be divided similarly in a fight for the lion's share? Capitalism is, among other things, a system of coercive forced competition. This competitiveness takes many different historical forms across many divisions in society. As much as I'd like to unite all races, gender expressions, ethnicities, economic groupings against our shared enemies in this class war, we all know it's not that simple. Competition is how the system perpetuates, it is the driver of monopolization as well as something like an immune system against worker solidarity, the greatest threat to capitalism.

Often the first step in dialectical thinking, the mode of thought that begins to emerge with class consciousness, is an ability to take two things that seem separate and unite them into a single thing by analyzing the relationships that form them. But dialectics is a process that works forward as well as in reverse. We can use it to identify two things that are one, but we should also be able to use it to identify that one thing is also two. Many people see the synthesis between the two parties and draw a conclusion based on that, and go to the internet to proclaim this discovery, which is often met with lots of people who agree rhetorically with the conclusion, making us believe that we are correct in out new knowledge. But part of this consciousness is an ability to deal with contradictions as part of our analysis, whereas the human, or maybe just modernist, tendency is to discard contradiction for the illusion of surety, another byproduct of competitive mode of capitalist evaluation. We have to realize that each revelation is just a new facet of the truth, which is a lifelong pursuit that is shared among class conscious workers, not arrived at finally by an individual. These truths, as well as the basis for them are all historically contingent. Many things about the class struggle never changes, many of the tendencies identified by Marx for example, but many other things are constantly changing.

I would also be remiss to fail to add that there probably is a concerted effort by bad actors to false equivocate democrats and republicans in order to alter political outcomes, propagandize or maybe just breed suspicion. I don't know if its Russia or China or the democrats or the republicans, probably all of the above plus many many more to different extents. But all these people on Lemmy who detect such bad actors in their communities, I think we have to trust their ability to tell truth from falsehood. even if we don't agree completely with their conclusions, doesn't mean they are completely wrong. When working people tell us something we have to listen. We are all victims of propaganda, so dismissing the sincere fear of other workers as propagandized delusion says more about how we falsely view ourselves as part of the working class, than it does about them.

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All the powers of heaven and earth are opposed to the USPS making money

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Yeah I really don't like celery. Cucumbers are pretty good if they're peeled, but yeah they have a very strong taste to me, and the peel is very bitter

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Cilantro tasted like soap to me until my wife described it as lemony, and it suddenly tasted different and now I like cilantro. Senses are weird

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I am a software developer, this story isn't really about that though. When I was first becoming interested in coding I was reading about vr and ar and how it would be this huge multi billion dollar market in the next few years and I thought that sounded awesome, as it could enhance our lived experiences with info for the curious, or decorate the real world with computer generated architecture, sculpture, even some ads to pay for the whole thing. I said I'm gonna get into computer programming and then transition into vr/ar once I learn a few things.

Of course this didn't pan out. 2-3 huge tech companies rushed onto the market with somewhat crappy products just to own the patents so smaller companies couldn't innovate. When they weren't immediately profitable they started cutting back and shutting down. Just another big tech grift, like cryptocurrency and now AI. Ai is probably the worst example of all because it got pushed out to soak up a bunch of excess cloud computing when crypto crashed, and now its a huge real estate scheme as well since there's a big rush to build data centers to handle the artificial demand. You wanna know the next big bubble to bet against? Its ai and all the related industries.

It requires massive amounts of computing power to accomplish the most mundane tasks, which require electricity created by burning fossil fuels. All so your boss can spend less time writing emails letting you know you've been laid off, and political advisors can mass produce legislation to take away your rights.

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Miss my homies over at hexbear

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Good, remove all the weird reddit answers, leaving only the "14 year old neo-nazi" reddit answers, "cop pretending to be a leftist" reddit answers, and "39 year old pedophile" reddit answers. This should fix the problem and restore google back to its defaults

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Dialectics is an incredible way to derive all kinds of Interesting insights and truths, and materialism, like not even bourgeois science is materialism, its positivism. The combination should absolutely be taught to everyone, every worker, there is no better way to learn to "think for yourself". But of course it is so totally alien that it is kind of hard to learn, especially when there isn't much good info for learning dialectics, let alone diamat; especially in the west. That's what makes Socialism: U&S such an amazing and impactful work

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Read Socialism: Utopian and Scientific by Friedrich Engels

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People in the first category seem to be getting pushed out of the profession, to the extent that many good doctors remain so despite their professional role which had shifted away from being a healer toward being a vehicle that huge hospital conglomerates exploit to goose more profits out of sick people

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I’ve been playing this game off and on, starting over since it came out. I was a hardcore Bloodborne player, but also played a lot of elden ring and ds3. Sekiro never clicked, I thought it was slick and the action felt incredible but I just couldn’t get past the beginning. Finally I’ve broken through and am having a blast, and its all thanks to Armored Core 6. Thanks Armored Core 6 (I will not elaborate).

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