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He needs to drop Biden. The electoral wound isn't going to get better. It can only get worse.

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... yeah. We live in a kafkaesque nightmare.

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Way cool, daddio!

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She's mashing it.

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I should also mention that capitalism does have a few advantages, at least insofar as every socialist experiment thus far has gone. Economic growth, primarily.

Capitalism concentrates capital into the hands of investors who are not very risk-averse, because they lose relatively little (just the investment) if things go pear-shaped. This means that the investor class takes a very "Move fast, break shit" approach to the economy - which, in aggregate, is actually very efficient in optimizing growth, at least relative to other forms of economic systems attempted thus far. The market, as a whole, reacts very quickly under capitalism - though that also makes it volatile.

However, it also has the tiny, tiny problem of "Move fast, break shit" being a really shitty fucking deal for workers who are the ones who are getting their shit broken, and aren't rich enough to weather failure. A lot of waste is involved, a lot of suffering. A lot of... well, broken shit.

And the concerns of wealth accumulation leading to an aristocracy, of course, and innumerable other inequality-driven problems.

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But he didn’t so now we need to push his corpse over the finish line. If we don’t then it’s a hand off to the other party because of how first past the post works.

I would argue that it's not too late. The two-party system, for once, works in our favor. People overwhelmingly vote for parties anymore, not candidates. As long as we have someone with decent name recognition who isn't falling apart or perceived as falling apart, we are very capable of getting to a better position for the election this November.

Unfortunately, the most likely candidate who meets those criteria is Harris. But c'est la vie.

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It should be understood that Communism, as Marx expressed it, was more of a guideline to a future, a goal. As Marx once said, "If there is one thing that is for certain, it is that I am not a Marxist." Marx understood that the path forward would be best understood by revolutionaries addressing the real concerns and paths presented, not theorists. Theorists provide a framework, a vital framework, but only a framework.

The end-state of things, Communism, that is to say, a classless, moneyless society, has not been achieved in any industrialized society. However, what people often mean when they say Communism is Socialism - the control of the means of production by the proletariat (basically everyone who works for a wage). Socialism has had a great many successes, some of which are still extant today, but little discussed. One of the most common forms of socialism in the modern day is worker's co-op's. Mondragon Corporation still exists, for example, and is extremely successful - in it, the workers all own a share of the company, instead of that going to outside investors, and decisions are made democratically.

Market Socialism in Yugoslavia operated similarly, with democratic workplaces. Yugoslavia enjoyed superior economic growth to the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact, and a higher standard of living, despite having a comparable GDP (Yugoslavia was very devastated after WW2, and even before it was kind of a backwater, so they started from a lower position).

Some of what is said about socialism is scare-mongering - but much of it is conflating one form of self-professed socialism (A Soviet-style command economy) with socialism as a whole, which makes about as much sense as conflating marijuana with meth because they're both drugs. Many people have no other conception of socialism other than the Soviet-style command economy. But socialism, at its core, in all of its forms, is about workers controlling their own labor and what it produces. Not the bosses, not the investors, not the aristocrats. The worker, allowed to enjoy the full or near-full value of what he creates.

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I love your cat's name

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Not as much as Imperial Japan would have you believe. A lot of samurai mythos are either from the long period of peace in the Edo Period, when samurai felt the need to prove how incredibly warrior-like they were at every opportunity (because there were no wars going on and they would look lame otherwise), or from the period of compensatory ultranationalism in the Japanese Empire, when they felt the need both to differentiate themselves from the European civilizations they had learned from, and to prove that they were, in some way, superior, in the same way that Europeans pretended they were superior.

When you read about, say, the Sengoku Jidai, the warring states period, samurai are always doing things that either of those influences would tell you shouldn't happen - betraying their lords, running from battles, fighting dirty, surrendering, etc. But unlike European civilizations, there was less stigma associated to suicide - suicide could even be honorable, if done in the right way. That does give a bit more of a 'do-or-die' vibe to outmatched forces.

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I probably sound like a broken record, but Biden stepping down is the best way forward at this point. Regardless of what you think about his capacities, he's lost the confidence of too many of the party's representatives. That's poison going into an election.

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He's the white kind.

Right, sorry. Right kind.

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