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Kamala Harris is corrupt! She’s been taking donations from convicted felons!

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It isn’t “obviously true” and you would realise that if you considered the supposition more carefully.

His claims is that every breath you take contains faeces.

Firstly the linked studies show bacteria in the air, bacteria is a component of faeces but do not constitute faeces by themselves.

Secondly every breath? Yes outside of a chip making fab clean room. I see no evidence for faeces in the air in a reasonably clean room. Where’s the source? How are faeces being aerosolised ?

It’s implausible.

But the study outdoors that detected bacteria in American Midwest cities!!! Yea there’s zero chance those cities are near farms where they spray with fertiliser. Zero.

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Linking popsci and not checking their sources which misinterprets findings from a single study of bacteria in the air… in some Midwestern US cities.

Congrats, you have the critical thinking and research skills of your average Facebook loving anti-vaxxer.

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I’m not sure what lily pads so I went with the largest which have around 7.069m^2^ of surface area or 0.0000007069km^2^ surface area.

Earth has a surface area of 510,064,472km^2^

After 120 days of doubling we have

6.64614x10^35^ * 7.069x10^-6^ = 4.6982Ex10^30^

So you are correct but it’s also around 23x the surface area of the sun.

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there are feces particles in every breath you take in

False. You are contributing to misinformation and are therefore a shit poster.

You have made the internet worse for your presence. Please go back to shitting up digg with your fossilised takes.

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Pick a year and I will prove there were always shitposters on reddit.

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I’m not sure if you missed the Star Wars reference or not?

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It’s not enough to stop, we need to restore the world to a climate that has supported humanity and quickly.

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You are completely ignorant of the history of unions if you think lone wolf killings were the only use of violence in the struggle for workers rights.

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I would have missed the text in centre of the screen without that circle!

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We will need to move ahead with projects like this if we’re to slow or even reverse climate change.

The proposed amount is literally a drip in the ocean compared to the pollution we pour in every year.

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You could finish a play through faster than I could list all the possible mods for you.

Download some big titty mods or whatever floats your boat and just do it


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