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Ukraine getting more and more capabilities all the time. :)

It's going to be wild if Ukraine manages to get air superiority in the future (I don't think they will ever get air supremacy, unfortunately).

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The simultaneous missile launch is nice!

I guess we will find out in a few hours what got hit, because it sure sounded like a whole lot of something got hit.

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The factory will soon turn out about 30,000 steel shells every month for the 155-millimeter howitzers

Love it. Ukraine needs the artillery shells, and that is one place the US and Europe are vastly short on production.

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There is a differently colored blob where those radar pieces are/were in the 2nd picture post attack. Heavily suggests they were there during the strike on the location.

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Kinda. They do have fun stuff like a cruiser that has a flat deck and carries aircraft, not an aircraft carrier (!!!), a cruiser. And they have been rearming the last two years as it becomes clear their neighbors might need a stick, or at least the threat of one.

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I'm a bit disappointed this decision feels wishy-washy and wasn't reached the day after we confirmed Russia was using Iranian weapons in Ukraine, but at the same time, I'm happy it is happening now. (Best time to plant a tree and all!) I commend both France and Germany for taking this step forward!

I wonder if this means Germany will finally send cruise missiles to Ukraine. Their basis for holding back was Ukraine might use them to strike targets in Russia, and that cannot be allowed. But now that they are explicitly stating Ukraine can use donated weapons against Russian military targets.....

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Good. Ukraine needs everything the west is willing to send.

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Grain storage and transport facilities

Fully agreed. That campaign was much too limited in scope to really be effective. If the goal was to destroy Ukraine economically, just hitting grain silos at dockyards is far from effective enough. It could possibly have been a ploy to drive up global grain prices, of which Russia is also an exporter, but even with that, it hardly seems like the best choice for such expensive munitions, not when you can hit higher value targets like electric distribution or factories.

It also didn't have any long term effect. The grain ships are flowing in and out of Ukraine as Ukraine has destroyed the Black Sea Fleet's ability to control the Black Sea and the constant images of civilian infrastructure exploding convinced Ukraine's allies to deliver more AA.


Again, fully agreed. And to add to it, Ukraine has a fairly large population. They are currently only conscripting people starting at age 25. Bombing shopping centers is unlikely to kill near enough Ukrainian civilians to matter for Russia. However, it does put political pressure on Ukraine's allies to send more weapons and, specifically right now, allow the use of donated weapons on targets inside Russia. If that comes to pass, such efforts will be a huge net negative for Russia.

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Continuing the suppression of nuclear weapon use in wars is important for far, far more people than just Americans, or even just the west. A hostile use of nuclear weapons will trigger an extreme reaction from across the political and global spectrum.

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A video game developer is so fucking far from this situation it is laughable; these suits are destined to fail. It's sad the lawyers are sucking money from the victims' families.

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I have unironically gotten into a power death spiral because a single piece of belt carrying a new coal line into the power generation area got rotated back. 10 min after the undo there isn't enough power and we are mining less coal, producing less power, and mining even less coal....

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$60.8 bill to bolster Ukraine - Source

Text of Ukraine Aid Bill

HIMARS Song (July 2022) (files.catbox.moe)
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A Classic

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Mirror: https://files.catbox.moe/sg9wg2.mp4

Supposedly the same tank from a different angle, personally not sure. Either way, a Russian tank exploding:

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