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You're right, but I never said perfect. Perfect doesn't exist. I'm looking for reasonable and sustainable. Projects like framework and libreboot are making this possible for the first time in history. But, like you eluded to, they, too, won't be perfect.

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When I visited your country, every hotel had them. Except for one pretentious shite (who asked the father of a very clearly choking little girl to go outside so she wouldn't chud on the carpet, the father looked ready to throw a fist at his face, and, honestly, I would have joined), they were all quite friendly. Real chaps.

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At least the mercenaries do exactly what they claim they'll do.

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Lemmy is a good case study, I would say. Reddit was the epitome of "the front page", until it wasn't. Then many moved to Lemmy, and it was just ok for a while. Now it's getting to where Reddit was before it lost its shite. Not a perfect comparison due to the YouTube monetization, I know, but a good rags->riches->enshitified->rags->riches story. And production quality is much less important, IMO, than content. And, yes, content did increase over the years, but a part of that was video editing technology improvement. Let's take LTT as an example. Before monetization, they had low production quality, but incredible content value videos. Now, the production value (and their paychecks) improved a lot, but the content value isn't what it used to be. It's not bad, it's just less focused on what it used to be. Is that bad? Probably not. But it also means we can start over, and get to the same monetization that we're at now, but without enshitification.

Edit: and I'm not even touching "influencers" in the main comment, who, IMO, don't matter in the grand scheme. They can stay on yt or disappear completely. In fact, if they did disappear, it would make a significant positive impact to the overall content library.

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I know all this and that's not filling me with confidence, either. It's why Framework is in my sights.

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It's what I do. With degoogled os. But the proprietary blobs aren't filling me with confidence.

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Ah ok cool. I'm glad they have that option.

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It's not in fdroid, yet. Hopefully soon! Thanks!

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Hahahhaahahah!! I didn't want to be too forward hahha

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Would you say it was worth the $31 (with shipping)? I do very much like low acidity coffees.

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Those are entertainment. Entertainment doesn't have to be strictly mind numbing. Maybe they fall more under edutainment?

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I'm not sure. It doesn't even have flavor notes on the page. I would assume about medium roast, though, as many small batches like this are taken to medium.

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Has NewPipe v0.27.0 stopped working for anyone else? It won't play anymore. It loads the video page and comments, but throws an error when attempting to play or download the video. I've submitted an error report, but was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

Edit: thank you, everyone! I figured it was google being a giant turd again, but want sure, since it worked perfectly fine for me yesterday, and I didn't see anything pop up on Lemmy yet. I understand the logistical and costing nightmare of this, but we really need a FOSS decentralized video sharing platform to take hold and take off. Let google and other bigturdtech die where they made their beds.

Update: newpipe 0.27.1 was just released, which fixes this deliberately google-caused issue. As I understand, some other frontends implemented their own fixes, too. These teams are amazing!

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There are no arrows, no obvious pins, no pin latches. This band is different than all of the ones I've ever sized. Does anyone know how to remove links from this band?

Edit: user Septimaeus was correct in that it was a fixed link band. The link they provided helped in understanding what is requires to resize, and the band now fits my wrist like it was made for it. Thanks!!


Do InvisibleFence brand controller units work with non-InvisibleFence brand collars?

I have an InvisibleFence brand controller unit, and would like to get a collar for it. The InvisibleFence brand stuff requires their techs come out to your house and do whatever it is that they do (at a significantly higher cost). If the controller unit works (tested and verified), will other brand collars work with it?

Edit: Some of the other brands do work with the InvisibleFence brand underground system, as long as the collar is also designed for the same type of system (the collar should be called something like 'receiver collar'). The issue I'm running into, though, is that I don't like the shock collars, in general. While not as restrictive or cruel as an 8m tether, according to the vets I've spoken to, I still find it needlessly cruel. So, I'm working with the landlord to allow me to install an above ground fence with a dig protection system. It's going to be very expensive, but I'm hoping I can just increase the monthly payments some to make up for it. I've signed a long-term agreement anyway, so I'm here for a while.


Are there any automatic or semiautomatic tools that will rip a set of DVDs from a tv show, and label the resulting vids (like Show name - s##e## or similar)?

I want to digitize entire series (of DVDs I own) for an in-home streaming server, and it's super annoying to name each file individually.


Happy International Coffee Day, everyone!


Happy International Coffee Day, everyone!


The impulsivity is bad, wasted so much money and time. The hyperfocus, when on the wrong task, has cost me hours in that day. The poor planning / time management has landed me in a world of hurt more times than I care to admit. The low tolerance for distractions / hot temper has caused me to hurt those whom I love most in this world. The inability to properly direct my focus on a task has caused me to lose sight of, and therefore miss, deadlines.

That's all bad.

But the worst part for me? The part that doctors don't seem to even attempt to address (except for direct symptom management, which barely work)? Emotional mirroring. If you're depressed and I'm with you, guess what happens to me? Today sucked. Depression is an unrelenting bitch, and I hate her with every fiber of my being.


Yesterday, I was reading this post on an open source solution to detecting and deleting CSAM material on Lemmy. I was reading the post, then my browser crashed mid-read. I've been looking for it ever since, and can't find it. Can anyone link it?


Black tea is strong, as are fruity notes (blackberry, maybe?). The acidity of the kiwi is there somewhat, but mostly, I taste its sweetness. I'm not sure I taste the lemongrass at all, but that's not saying much, as it could just be masked by the other notes. Overall, this is a very nice roast.

Our Computer (infosec.pub)

OC for you.


Half asleep, I added coffee to the espresso grinder. Never has it been more clear, that grind size matters.


I was watching friends, and this scene came on. Instantly made me think of GNU plus Linux.

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